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upcoming mayhem

my oh my, it’s again been way too long… so basically i’m going to unleash the motherload of all updates, so here we go:

progsik‘s demo is appareantly reaching out… they’ve sold about 50 copies at the mountains of death, so yeay for them!
– moving on with
lifeless hill‘s ep – vocals & re-amping should be done by the end of this week.
– we decided to work some more on
cideraid‘s pre-production, mainly to bring producer julien fehlmann in to add his input.  the drum-recording will start on the 25th of september at studio mécanique, and we’re really looking forward to move on to the next level with this album.
– also, i will start tracking a demo w/
calcined by the end of september, this should be fun as well.

remote lane played another bunch of shows, and proved to become quite the live-band. by now they’ve developped a pretty tight sound, which makes my job quite a bit easier.
– i worked at the rfi in fribourg for a pretty intense week – not my cup of tea music-wise, but the folks were very nice indeed. lots of running and fixing stuff beyond fixing.
– throughout the whole october and the start of november i’ll be on tour/doing the sound for
the ocean as the opening act for the cancer bats/the dillinger escape plan eu-tour. looking quite nice so far, i’m stoked as hell.

as always, i got a couple of nifty events lined-up, which should feature some intense headbanging and wall to wall-vomiting later on:
–  operation: impending doom XV is happing next saturday, the 18th at the café xxè in fribourg. we’re having
zatokrev and mycelia playing, plus djs hq, mara and winekellar spinning the wheels of steel (or plastic, for that matter), we’re doing bbq on the balcony, the cal of ror-guys will put up a cd-/vinyl-shop, plus stemutz.ch and llyrdwen are exposing some nice pictures taken over the course of the last o:ids. i wouldn’t want to miss this if i were you…
remote lane will be playing the metal assault-festival in grand-vennes/lausanne on the 1st october, w/ samael etc.
saïko records will be hosting a festival at the nouveau monde in fribourg on the 5th and 6th of november, featuring some of the greatest indie bands from switzerland…

oh yeah, no rest of the wicked. see you all out there!

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looking back on the last three weeks, plus outlook on next events & so forth… the usual mayhem.

oh well… i’m definitely not complaining about not having enough work – good god, it might just work out!
i did a bunch of nice shows, of which some turned out really friggin’ close to my best work up to date… kejnu & amagortis would be on top, i guess – post-folk and death metal, that’s where my head is at, i suppose… :-).
100319 – kejnu @ oxx/zofingen
100320 – operation: impending doom XIII w/ battalion, radwaste @ café le xxéme/fribourg
100303 – full metal w/ gwydion, abinchova, tschäggättä @ nouveau monde/fribourg
100417 – amagortis & remote lane @ ébull/bulle

on the studio-side of things, here’s what’s been going on:
• demoed the future album from cideraid the 2nd of april, pics can be found here – plus the week after we started pre-production on the drums (again, for pics go here), and now we moved on to guitars. the whole pre-production should be done by the beginning of may, which will leave them about two months before entering the studio… good times!
• finished recording guitars w/ progsik for a three track-ep, vocals should be added around the end of may, with a july-release being highly possible.

alright, now on to more things related to the near future – here are a bunch of dates i’m involved with, either by booking bands, organizing the whole damn event, just twisting the knobs, providing tech-services, or all of it:
100430 – attack vertical @ les archives/bulle
100501 – remote lane @ moshpit/naters
100508 – the ocean & co @ break the silence-festival/bern
100515 – operation: impending doom XIV w/ darkrise, daïgoro, cryless, dj hq @ café le xxéme/fribourg
100519 – high fidelity w/ rita hey @ nouveau monde/fribourg
100529 – metalfactory.ch-festival @ sounddock14/dietikon
100605 – full metal w/ impure wilhelmina, redheads are vampires, prevail over one’s horizon @ nouveau monde/fribourg
100611 – remote lane w/ cynic @ schüür/luzern
100619 – amagortis @ bad bonn/düdingen

i’ll also start work on a six-track w/ lifeless hill, a metalcore-band from romont – this should be fun too, they’ve got a good groove going on.

alright, see you all out there & remember: hit it good. hit it good & hard!

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recent events and an outlook to the next couple of weeks

the last two weeks proved to be extremely rock’n’roll and heavy on the emotional side of things:
• operation: impending doom XI (14th of november – w/ cruszt, voice of ruin, dj kéké) turned out to be one hell of a party, with enough stories for ages to come.
• the ocean and unhold delivered the real deal friday night/20th at the kiff in aarau, and saturday night/21st at the nouveau monde in fribourg – with julien fehlmann handling the sound-duties for the ocean, i kind of felt clumsy to do unholds sound, but it turned out rather good.
• sunday/22nd turned out to be a good day for rock’n’roll as well, skyblend took over the ebullition in bulle for a week of residency, and i handled some basic sound-duties. i will be joining the rehearsal on thursday and prepare with them for their upcoming cd release-party on saturday/28th… should be fun.

on the future-side of things, here’s what i’ve been sketching out over the last couple of days:
• dj el muerte – from folk to grind (yours truly, 28th of january), café le xxéme/fribourg
• operation: impending doom XII (6th of february – w/ shadow’s far, calcined, dj tba), café le xxéme/fribourg
• operation: impending doom XIII (20th of march – w/ battalion, support tba), café le xxéme/fribourg
• plus i’ll definitely be mixing attack vertical on the 9th of december as the opening act for arch enemy at the kiff/aarau, zatokrev on the 10th of december at the children of doom-festival in lille/france and again attack vertical on the 12th of december at the l’appel-festival at the hôtel de la ville/romont. good times!

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new projects / events

i’ve just finished a bunch of projects, which are definitely worth mentionning:
– the audio-installation & live-engineering for the theatre ‘apokalypse’ at the university of fribourg / switzerland (directed by simon helbling)
– the recording/mixing for skyblend‘s first ep.
this four-track was recorded live during two days at la fonderie and the mix was done at my homestudio, while mastering-duties were handled by julien fehlmann at studio:mecanique. the ep turned out very groove-oriented, which is a pleasant but not overwhelming surprise – after all, it’s the bands real strenght. plus, i got to work on a bunch of overdubs, which got my creative juices flowing in multiple ways.
skyblend have got the release party scheduled for the 28th of november at the ebull in bulle, i’ll probably be mixing them live, and might even join them for a little live-rendition of one of the recorded tunes… we’ll see.

on the event-side of things, a bunch of shows just got confirmed:
– on the 14th of november, i’ll be hosting the eleventh rendition of my ‘operation: impending doom‘-events with cruszt headlining, voice of ruin supporting, and the mighty dj kéké providing afterparty-tunes. for those of you who ain’t got a clue, he’s the one who’s pretty much responsible for hooking me on to the wonders of modern metal back in the days… metalact, represent!
– on the 21st of november, berlin/tchaux-collective the ocean will be headlining at le nouveau monde, with support coming from nebra and vancouver.
cideraid will both be playing the bad bonn (26th of december, w/ timor), and the wenk (31st of january, w/tba) as part of the last couple of shows before they start working on their first lp.
attack vertical just got confirmed as support-act for the mighty arch enemy on the 9th of december at the kiff in aarau, where i’ll most likely will be handling sound-duties.

that’s it for now – as usual, stay tuned… cause i got about 100 other things up the pipeline!

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