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Almost been a full year since I’ve updated this page, things couldn’t have been more intense if I’d tried. Sorry for keeping up with things, it’s all in good spirit to say the least.

Much exciting things are happening, including studio- and live-work, new clients, partners, etc. All will be revealed in due time!

New music / current projects

All is well in the lands:
– Finished up the mix for Operation Blockhead‘s upcoming album «Dope City» just a few weeks back, they’ve just put up a new song – Stream the opener «Irascible Kid» right here (Youtube).
– Currently closing in on the Facing The Enemy-EP we started tracking some time ago. Gang-vocals were recorded last weekend, should be reamping/start to mix anytime soon.
– Had a few off-shows with Aborted from France to Holland and back – Went down pretty smooth, despite a few annoying moments here and there. If you’ve ever wondered what crazy thing happen backstage, here you can get a proper idea…

I’m currently gearing up for the upcoming Alpine Coalition-tour, which is a nifty little project me and Danny/B-team booking have been working on – Basically some of Switzerland’s coolest sludge/doom bands will do a quick run of shows together, here’s what this looks like:

03. 12. 2015: Rössli Bar, Bern
04. 12. 2015: Bikini Test, La Chaux-De-Fonds
05. 12. 2015: Nouveau Monde, Fribourg
11. 12. 2015: Grabenhalle, St. Gallen
12. 12. 2015: Biomill, Laufen
I honestly think that this will be amazing, and you shouldn’t miss out on this one!

New music, trips and a residency

Cool stuff keeps on happening here in FAM-land:

– For fans of Folk/Shoegaze: First up, The Leaving (Brainchild of ZATOKREV‘s very own and insanely talented Fredy) have just released the first track from an upcoming album. This record was engineered and tracked by me at La Fonderie in fribourg back in 2014 with a few very annoying technical glitches, and finally mixed by Noah Landis from Neurosis, and finalized at Golden Mastering/CA. Listen to «Hurtmachine» here:

– For fans of Ska/Reggae/Rock: Todos Destinos just posted a track of our freshly finished album online, this one literally couldn’t have possibly gone online quicker… ten musicians, fifteen tracks, three months of work. Tracked in Lutry (Blend Studio, Drums) and Neyruz (The rest) to 90% by me, mixed by me, and mastered by the great Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios in Freiburg/DE, this one will make you tap your foot quicker than you’d expect.
Listen to «Facteur N» right here:

– The trips to South Africa and Cairo were amazing, even though the latter one was a bit stressful. In SF we got to hang around for a bit in Cape Town, the first show there was in a small club, the second show was in Johannesburg in a bigger venue – LS9 all the way, plus very cool crew and promoter! In Cairo I actually got to see the Pyramids, which was super awesome. The show was alright, but difficulties in communication with the local crew plus a bit whacky gear made it a bit annoying, plus pretty much had to rush out straight after the show to catch the 3am flight.


Quick shot from Joburg-FOH w/ Aborted:

And here’s one from Cairo w/ Aborted:


Since I’ve been back I have advanced on quite a few studio-things, like tracking drums for an upcoming Facing The Enemy-EP.


I also just did a three day stint at Le Romandie in Lausanne with The View Electrical, getting them stage-ready for a few upcoming shows. The idea was to incorporate the new musicians, and also arrange a few details like samples, etc. for the live-set. It was an intense bit of work put in there, but the result speaks for itself. Stoked to see where this will go!

A&H ilive has proven a bit messy, but the ipad did the track quite well:



Alpine Coalition: Unhold / Zatokrev / Ølten

Happy to announce this fun little run of shows – Come out and support some of the most crushing music we have in this fine little country of ours!

Unhold / Zatokrev / Ølten
3. 12., Rössli Bar, Bern
4. 12., Bikini Test, La Chaux De Fonds
5. 12., Nouveau Monde, Fribourg
11. 12., Grabenhalle, St. Gallen
12. 12., Biomill, Laufen

Presented by Daily Rock / Noisey – Music by Vice

DE: Tektonische Plattenverschiebung der elektrifizierten Sorte: Die Breschenreisser von Unhold, Zatokrev und Ølten geben sich die Ehre, und brechen mit alpiner Urgewalt über willige Dezibeljünger her. Mit der Wucht einer niederdonnernden Lawine am Nordhang des Eigers fegen die drei Apostel des Untergangs in die Täler der Konzertsääle, bäumen sich alles zermürbend zu mächtiger Form auf, und brechen in blanker Rage die stärksten Rücken entzwei: Unwetterwarnung Alpine Coalition, Fenster und Tür verbrettern ist vergebens, eure Zeit abgelaufen.

FR: Tel un mouvement de plaques tectonique mais en version amplifiée, les musiciens d’Unhold, de Zatokrev et d’ Ølten se feront un plaisir de laisser déferler leur décibels sur les adorateurs du hard que nous sommes.
Avec la même puissance qu’une avalanche qui ferait trembler la face nord de l’Eiger, les trois apôtres du chaos musical s’abattront sur nos salles de concerts semblables à de paisibles vallées et viendront briser les nuques et les dos des plus téméraires d’entre-nous. Inutile de clouer des planches sur vos fenêtres et vos portes, il est déjà trop tard. Ils arrivent.



Alright, another busy summer coming to terms…

  1. Todos Destinos: After quite a few weeks of tracking ten musicians for fifteen songs, a bit of editing, and a whole lot of mixing, I’ve finished the first round of this project, we’ll be patching things up soon and send it off to mastering. Can’t wait to see the final outcome, quite bit of work went into this album. Once more, live tracking and minimal editing proofed to be the life of the party, I immensely enjoyed working like this again. Here‘s a link for their page.
  2. Oh My Deer: Finally got to retouch the master, things should be off to the pressing plant any day now. Live tracking and straight up mixing a few days later, plus the music was quite a bit out of my usual comfort zone. Good times, check their facebook for updates.
  3. Did a few off shows here and there with the mighty Aborted, good times were had. Pretty much everything from the tiny german metal fest to legendary Graspop in belgium in front of 9000 – 10’000. People. Running huge systems like that is quite the treat, even though not all the local crew are always on par with their work… Oh well, we crushed anyways.
  4. Oh, I also went ahead and did a three week russian underground-tour with my own band, Cortez. Did I mention that? Shit was off charts, can’t believe it’s over. Here‘s a proper recap from Greg, our drummer, and here‘s a clip from St. Petersburg. Y’all need to watch this.
    We also played mighty Rock Altitude festival in Le Locle a week ago, together with our buddies from Ølten and co. – Good times too, and probably the last show before we head off to do a new record. Here‘s a clip from that show.

Off to south africa with Aborted now, that’s a first. Also, later this year: Egypt, Tel Aviv, Dubai. Crazy year, and by large not done yet.


Pic: Aborted @ Graspop, june 19.

New studio project

I’m currently holed up at mighty Blend Studio/Lutry, CH and tracking the drums for the upcoming of swiss Ska/Punk/Rock/Reggae band Todos Destinos… Got some sweet gear going, check out this timelapse:

Attack Vertical-Residency

Last month (3rd to 6th of april) we did a week long-residency at the Nouveau Monde in Fribourg to prepare and rehearse the set for the band’s upcoming record release-show there and all the following additional shows. The canton of fribourg has been developing projects like these a lot throughout the last couple of years, and it’s amazing to see the difference this kind of work really makes in the end… Being able to rehearse with full light- and sound-production and having someone coach the band through all things song-, set- and performance-wise is the ultimate bonus, and I’m not saying this purely out of self-promotional reasons: Working back and forth between the band and the crew makes life a lot easier for everybody. From learning how to communicate between the two parties and dialing in backline-tones, to fixing play through-flaws, finding out which song-order works best, etc., things get a lot more awesome by the minute. The ultimate goal would be to program the desk, do a simple line-check, and have everything at maximum satan from the start. Plus in this case the band showed up well rehearsed, which definitely added to the experience (duh!).

Here’s a few snapshots from the setup, etc.:

band blau band rot band talking
pano b


Gear wise I tried out a few variations:
Other than the usual D6/B91 for kick drum, e604 for toms, AT E300/E906 for guitar-cabs, etc., I used a DW-trigger straight into the desk as a somewhat snare bottom-sound (Which adds a nice crackle to the snare top, without any usual phase issues), and used a D112 on the biggest floor tom, which gave me heaps of low end, and not as much cymbal bleed as expected.

Also, got an X32 for the whole week, and pretty much used all possible features including snapshots/bits, multi tracking/virtual soundcheck, etc. Good times were had, and the reactions from the crowd definitely proofed us right. Might as well have been due to tight/killer lighting by the amazing Patrick Häberli, but what do I know… #fohdreamteam for the win!

New shows confirmed!

There’s plenty of cool shows coming up of some bands I’m currently booking, make sure to show up and support these great bands!

11. 04. 2015 – Ebullition, Bulle(w/ Ølten, Unfold)
17. 04. 2015 – Ebrietas, Zürich (w/ Closet Disco Queen, etc.)
27. 07. 2015 – Pieds Plats-Festival, La Chaux

10. 04. 2015 – SAS, Delèmont (Record Release-Show)
11. 04. 2015 – Ebullition, Bulle (w/ Herod, Unfold)

24. 05. 2015 – Nouveau Monde, Fribourg (w/ Amenra)

The Burden Remains
28. 03. 2015 – Ebullition, Bulle (w/ Lofofora, etc.)
04. 04. 2015 – Dynamo, Zürich (w/ Battalion, Sin Starlett, Totemstack, etc.)

The View Electrical
15. 05. 2015 – Le Bikini Test, La Chaux-De-Fonds (w/ Harpe)
27. 05. 2015 – Le Bourg, Lausanne

11. 04. 2015 – Ebullition, Bulle (w/ Herod, Ølten)

19. 04. 2015 – Le Romandie, Lausanne (w/ Floor, Minsk)
20. 04. 2015 – Gaswerk, Winterthur (w/ Eyehategod)
21. 04. 2015 – Usine, Genève (w/ Eyehategod)


Just spent five days at the at always great SAS club in Delémont to prepare and rehearse the album release show for the local rock band Manitu.

We used an interesting combination of Behringer’s X32 rack as the stagebox and full console at front of house, so that the monitoring would stay constant with their future shows, and in case the X32 full would not be available for FOH we’d just pull out an ipad or two and use those to mix. Needless to say everything went more than smooth, and I keep getting overwhelmed by the functionality of this desk. Whatever issue came up, it rarely took more than five minutes to come up with a solution. So again, props to Behringer – I instantly made sure there will be one waiting for me for the next residency in two weeks…

Mic-wise, we went for the usual combination of D6/91 on kick, D2 for toms, Heil’s Pr20 and a e604 on snare, AT3000 on overheads/hat/ride, Heil Pr30 on guitar/bass, and a line6 wireless with an SM58 capsule for lead vocals – Nothing complicated here, although we messed around with a few options, but pretty quickly came back to this choice.

Also got to work with the mighty light engineer Patrick Häberli again, who made sure my eye sockets feel proper abused after five days of intense visual wave bombardment.

Check out a few un/quality pics:

stage x32me

All things studio

Still heavy at work at quite a few studio projects here.
As mentioned before, there’s no end to this in sight, and cool projects keep rolling in:

– Still doing a few touchups on the upcoming Anachronism-EP, you should be in for a few samples very soon.

– Finished touching up the mixes for the upcoming Cutty Sark-EP, and just sent out the final master-files. My guess is, these guys might be throwing a few snippets online quite soon.

– Finished tracking drums, bass and guitar of the upcoming Operation Blockhead-album over the last couple of weeks, it was quite the pleasure to work with this band. Gonna attack vocals in the coming weeks, couldn’t be more stoked for this project.

– Finished tracking drums and guitars for the upcoming Redheads Are Vampires-EP, gonna attack the bass-recording in a couple of days… Check out these quick shots from the guitar-tracking sessions, quite some nice gear going on there:
10968482_10152843926828692_5763656717312009774_n 1510525_10152843926938692_6944872146642349931_n

– I also mastered the upcoming Album by the noise band Welington Irish Black Warrior, which was mixed by the ever amazing Louis Jucker (Kunz, Coilguns, etc.), new music should be out soon!

– Just re-opened an older project that was on stand by for a while… It was interesting to see how I shaped my mixes a year ago, the urge to redo a few things was strong, but I finally was able to find some common middle ground – This essentially means that Dramaqueen’s new record is well on the way now, can’t wait to master this thing!