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Five months crammed into this one!

These have been a quiet few months from my side, but as with all things Fireantmusic there’s a very simple reason behind it: Been busy as hell.

I’ve had to chance to work alongside some great musicians/people/bands/acts on a couple of intense recording/mixing/residency sessions, as well as doing a few awesome off shows… Here’s a quick listing from a couple of those projects (Obviously incomplete, there’s too much music & not enough words!):

– 13. – 17. of january, recorded Red Kunz at the Romandie in Lausanne
This was quite the session to begin the year with: The two guys from Kunz (Luc & Louis, also from Coilguns, Ex-The Ocean, etc.) had invited Aaron & John from the mighty Red Fang to the Romandie in Lausanne, as to jam on a few riffs & tunes, record it while it was still warm, and then play a show on the last day to present all of this to a live audience. The acoustics of the club were a bit challenging, but the sexyness-factor of the tracks well made up for it. Tracked on fewer channels than I would have liked to, but it made the result all the more focused. Mixing was done in a mere two days during march, the mastering duties of the final were handed off to the mighty Raph Bovey. Should be out during the summer or beginng of the fall, will keep you posted!

– 02. – 04. of march, residency with Toronaut at the Bad Bonn in Düdingen
Did a quick residency with Toronaut at the Bad Bonn, mostly to figure out how to make the intricate arrangemets of the album work in a live environment and obviously fine tune the sounds. Didn’t get to do the whole set as much I would have liked to, but everybody came out of these few days with a lot more confidence. Looking forward to doing live shows with this band!

– 25. – 29. of march, recording The Leaving at the Fri-Son in Fribourg
The Leaving is the solo project of the mighty Zatokrev’s singer and mainman, Fredy. He’s been doing his own thing for quite a while now, and this will become his second album. We managed to get a few live basics done with former Zatokrev drummer Silvio, and then started to track guitars, cello and vocals. Sadly, due to one of the weirdest digital fuck ups I’ve ever seen, a massive part of these sessions got lost in the never ending world of zeros and ones, we basically had to redo most of it at the beginning of may (By now the recording has been completed, and all is well!). We managed to get a few interesting things going: the sounds are incredibly authentic due to the great backline available at La Fonderie, but also due to a bit of tinkering on our side – We even got to reamp a few vocals through on old fender twin, that particular song now makes me want to open my veins… In a good way!


Image Image


– 01. – 04. of april, residency with The Burden Remains at Fri-Son in Fribourg
Got to set up a special project with these guys: We had been wondering for a while where we could go with their new album in a live setting, so for this release-show we prepared a quadrophonic setting where the band was split up on four risers, facing each other, and the crowd would be in the middle/between the musicians. We heavily relied on the great gear of Fri-Son for this, thanks to their Adamson line array, the old Turbosound TMS as stereo backfire pair, and one of the Digico SD8 desks. One of the main issues for sound was the placement of vocal mics and the treatment of both front of house and the monitor-lines with eq, as we had them positioned in front (!) of the speakers, due to the positioning of the risers.
The result was quite overwhelming though, and well worth the work we put into this. Much props also to the great Patrick Häberli for running the lights on this one… Pretty sure we kicked major ass those few days.






– 20. – 24. of april, recording Darius at the Bikini Test in La Chaux-De-Fonds
This was gonna be a fun project – Tracking bands live has sort of become a special interest for me… There’s simply so much more magic in the room, than overdubbing ever could create. The band had already arrived and rehearsed two days before my arrival, so we pretty much immediately got to set up and start recording. Got to try out a few things I was never able to before, and we made quite a couple of bold decisions with the band- and mic-placement, that would heavily influence the outlines of the mix. Basically this means no turning back for everybody involved, which was a great experience. Smooth tracking from there, we managed to cram about sixty minutes worth of instrumental post rock in the following days, plus a nice reamping session with some gear courtesy of Coilguns/Jona. Can’t wait to mix that one!




– 28. of april to 3rd of may, recording drums/reamping bass for Kruger at La Fonderie in Fribourg
Not much to reveal here, it was basically two sound geeks locked in there for two weeks. I had worked with those guys before, so we pretty much knew what we were looking for in these sessions. Tried out a few interesting things again with mic placement regarding typical metal-issues (Cymbal spill, etc.), but also made sure to capture the rooms great sound properly. Raph, the drummer (Who’s also the man behind great albums such as Abraham, Zatokrev, Impure Wilhelmina & Co.) luckily is a talented skin beater, and rather than getting the performance to a usable level, we got well past that point and managed to try out different feels, fills and sounds, which sadly has become quite the luxury these days.
The whole last day we devoted to reamping the bass tracks, and here too we got to add a bit of local backline to the already sweet sounding original rig, to make sure there’s plenty of great choices in the mixing sessions – This one’s gonna be done by the great Magnus from Cult Of Luna fame, so the result should be gritty just the way we love it.


Image  Image


Additionally to all of these projects, I also managed to squeeze in a few other studio projects (Tracking, editing, and so on) for Calcined, Anachronism & Co, and did off shows with Kruger, Cortez, Abraham, Disparaged and a couple of other bands. The list is longer than I have time, but a few highlights deserve a mention: Inferno Festival/Oslo with Kruger was fun, and Beyond The Redshift/London with Abraham will undoubtedly go down in my best of for this year.

Now onward to new things, the music is already making my fingers itch… Until soon!

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And the summer’s gone already…

another two months went by without a single word from me – Sorry about that, I’ve been busy as usual… Which actually isn’t that bad, I guess. There obviously hasn’t been much going on studio-wise, as most bands are somewhere out there playing all those neat festivals – But I’ve done quite a bunch of jobs on the live-side of things, as well as preparing upcoming events. Let’s have a look…

– I was doing some work at the JazzParade in Fribourg again, either FOH or backline/stage.
– RFI were also happening two weeks ago, that was intense. I had never before spent 16h a day strapped to a console at 35°, plus tearing the whole stage down afterwards – Also, doing most of the gigs without any sound- or linecheck. Well, now I know.
– In between were a lot of off-shows, such as Coilguns with the mighty Dillinger Escape Plan @ Bad Bonn, or The Ocean @ Rock Altitude, playing alongside acts like Meshuggah, Unfold, etc.

Regarding future events:
– Obviously The Burden Remains (Ex-Cideraid – Yeah, they changed the name) are my main-focus for now. We did a ‘live press-conference‘ to announce the name, some new music is out there, plus the release of the album ‘Downfall Of Man’ as well as the shows are approaching.
Here’s a quick rundown of all of this:

– 10. 9.: Album Pre-Listening party @ Bad Bonn/Düdingen (w/ DJ-Sets by the band)
– 12. 9.: Release LP ‘Downfall Of Man’ as free download (!)
– 17. 9.: Record Release-Show @ Nouveau Monde/Düdingen (w/ June DeVille & Radwaste)
– 01. 10.: Show @ Silver Club/Payerne (w/ Attack Vertical, Promethee, CrossCheck)
– 11. 11.: Show @ Base Bar/Lausanne (Monster Night 2, w/ Algebra & Helmut)
– 13. 01.: Show @ RockCity/Uster (w/ Hellvetica)

Also, the band is doing quite the PR-Run for the album, check out all the radio-visits right here.

– Other than that, I’ve still got the ‘Oh My F*cking God’-Evens @ Fri-Son up and running,  War From A Harlots Mouth, Promethee and Abraham are confirmed for the 22nd of october, plus I’m currently working on a nice and heavy package for the 16th of december.

To sum things up:
Lots of exciting stuff on the way, psyched to see all of this happening…
I’m currently booking shows for The Burden RemainsAbraham and Saïko Record’s own Kejnu, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for all sorts of interesting ideas.


See you all out there!

It’s summer already?

So the The Ocean-Tour is over, and I’m kind of Ok with it. We did play a bunch of shows were the technical situations got out of hand, so in the end I didn’t really get to enjoy this whole trip as much as I expected. Still, everyone was extra nice, and the guys in Earthship, Red Fang and Intronaut were as awesome as it gets – Ended up doing sound for them a couple of times, since some of the local techs could just not be trusted.
Looking forward to hit the road again with The Ocean sometime later this year – UK is confirmed for november together with Textures, and there might be Russia and China coming up as well… fingers crossed!
I’ll be doing some festivals with The Ocean as well, Metalcamp and VNV amongst them, along Meshuggah and Co – Stoked!
In between I’ll be babysitting a Digidesign VENUE at the JazzParade in Fribourg during a couple of days in july, that’s going to be interesting as well.

Studio-Wise, i finished most of my projects the days (And litteraly moments) before I left for the tour – Here’s a quick update:
– The Lost Aries-EP is getting mastered as we speak by Christoph Brandes/Iguana Studios.
– Tojinbo is finished, and already mastered by El Spiga himself.
– The Cideraid-Album is done. Now that fucker took a little longer than the rest, but it definitely was worth it. Svante Forsbak (Rammstein, Volbeat, etc.) did the master, turned out  nice and chunky.

So now basically I’m spending 24/7 on preparing to release Cideraid’s album – You know, fixing deals, booking shows, preparing press-info… The usual stuff. Not that much fun, but definitely worth it in the end. And as of course, there are quite some surprises in there as well… Keep ya posted!

Summer’s approaching!

And it’s march already! Things are moving fast, having a hard time keeping track of everything that’s happening for now…

– The Cideraid-Album is getting mastered right as i’m writing this post – Svante Forsback (Rammstein, Volbeat, etc.) has been chosen for this task, looking forward to listen to the complete album by the end of the week. Meanwhile preparing the next couple of steps on our masterplan…
– I also finished the mix/mastering for Calcined‘s new EP (, quite the fun experience.
– The last two weekends I was in Saas Fee, tracking guitars and bass w/ Lost Aries, after a nice Drum-Session three weeks ago. We might attack the reamping quite soon, plus since the vocals have been done first thing, the mix might follow quicker than expected.
– I also did some session-work w/ Tojinbo, a grind-side project from two Amagortis-members – Drums, Bass and Guitars are in the Box, vocals will follow soon.

– This friday the 18th, Attack Vertical will play at the SAS in Délemont.
– Saturday the 19th i’ll host the last of the ‘Operation: Impending Doom’-Series at the Café XXè in Fribourg – After 3.5 years and 18 events, it was clearly time to move on… Stigma (IT) and Trailer Park Massacre (CH) will play both a devastating set, plus DJ Housi and myself will be delivering the tunes until the end of the night… Yeah!
– Throughout March/April I will do a series of european shows with the mighty Zatokrev, this will be fun – Check their page for details
– Just in: I will embark on a Headliner-Tour w/ The Ocean from may 29th to June 19th, with a bunch of festivals (Greenfield, Hellfest, Metalcamp, Summerbreeze, etc.) added here and there.

trying to catch up

…and another couple of weeks went down the hill.last blog had me picking up the traces i left behind while leaving to tour with the ocean, and now i’m facing another couple of absences: that’s right, the road is calling once more. nothing confirmed a 100% for now, but still – i just might get plenty of it even before the peak of summer.

– the cideraid-album has been finished up to the final mix by now. we tracked guitars/bass at their rehearsal space for a couple of days, then moved on the la fonderie to track the vocals and some gang-shouts by a couple of friends. after that it took me quite some editing, but julien fehlmann got to turn this thing into a hard hitting f*cker, if i might say so – well worth the energy and trouble! now we’re trying to pick a master-engineer, while already preparing the next couple of steps…
– i finished the basic-mix for calcined, and just might finish the complete ep the following days
– i three weeks i’ll track drums w/ lost aries, with whom we already did the vocal-lines, given the fact that their singer is gone for quite a while.

– i mixed a couple of misc. shows throughout late december/january, amongst them tasteless, etc.
– i did two shows w/ attack vertical, one of them their record release-show @ le nouveau monde. they’ve pretty much stepped up to my expectations, delivering a tight set – which makes my job always way easier.
– went to berlin last weekend to do a show with the ocean, at the museum für musikinstrumente. technically quite the horror, but i think we got out quite ok after a whole day of trying to fix things. the whole show was recorded for a further dvd-release, we’ll see how this is going to turn out.

– this friday i’m launching a new event @ the mighty fri-son in fribourg, with my buddy hq: ‘oh my f*cking god’ – it’s meant to hit hard. for the first round we’re having amagortis, kess’khtak and daïgoro up on stage, let’s hope we can do some more of this in the future… don’t forget, fri-son’s got two stages!
– saturday we’re having another saïko-event at the nouveau monde, this time around it’s saïko vs. soundtracks, with the likes of kassette, feat. jim, tasteless, etc., where each of these bands will cover some of the most famous soundtrack-tunes. should be fun.
– the 19th of february might just go down in history as the day when the sun got swallowed whole by darkness and despair. rorcal will play at ‘operation: impending doom XVII’ @ the café le xxè in fribourg, along with fennec (ex-berserk for tea time). they’re doom as fuck, and their latest release ‘heliogabalus’ is one of the heaviest records out there.

i’m back!

alright, let me see… i’m back from the eu-tour w/ the ocean/cancer bats/the dillinger escape plan, and i survived!

anyone knowing the dillinger escape plan should know by now what i’m talking about, but these guys proved to be even cooler than expected – their complete crew was incredibly sweet & pro, it made our life on tour so much easier. doing sound for the ocean was quite the run as well – it took me some time to get used to their dynamics, etc, but it turned out quite nice in the end. plus, being able to rock places like the electric ballroom in london really did the trick for me… anyway, looks as if i might have gotten myself some more gigs with them: they are doing a short eu-run w/ anathema by now, for which i only could do the sound on the two opening shows in switzerland. but we’ll reunite for another gig in december, plus i’ll be going to athens with them at the beginning on 2011…
anyway, shitloads of new and exciting stuff happening:

– the mix & master for lifeless hill is done, christoph brandes from iguana audioproduction managed to get some more punch from my mixes.
– i started to record a local death metal-band called calcined, by now everything except the vocals is done, i’ll start mixing by the end of november.
– i also started to record a 5 track-ep w/ lost aries. given the fact that their singer won’t be around for the coming three months, i actually had to start with the vocals, putting them on top of their pre-production. we’ll move on with this project by january.
– the cideraid-album has finally gotten the much needed kick over the starting-line: drums were done by julien fehlmann, and sound quite neat… we started to track the guitars last monday, second guitar, bass and vokills will follow throughout december.

– i’ll be doing sound for zatokrev this saturday at the dawn of doom-festival in winterthur, and might also be going on tour with them throughout a couple of weeks in april
– i’ll also doing sound for them and the ocean on the 4th of december at the sommercasino in basel, plus the mighty knut will open… balls to the wall!
– lifeless hill will headline a release-show for the ep on the 11th of december at the ébull, with yours truly behind the desk.

event-wise, there is not that much happening… both cideraid and remote lane (who will start working on an upcoming album in some time) are off the live-radar for now, so i mainly do my own ‘operation: impending doom’-events for now.
– speaking of which: friday night i’ll host the XVIth event of the series, featuring the mighty amagortis, tedh secret and dj deerstruction at the end of the night… café le xxè in fribourg is the place to be, the entry is free, and the ales should be quite cold be then. see you there!

upcoming mayhem

my oh my, it’s again been way too long… so basically i’m going to unleash the motherload of all updates, so here we go:

progsik‘s demo is appareantly reaching out… they’ve sold about 50 copies at the mountains of death, so yeay for them!
– moving on with
lifeless hill‘s ep – vocals & re-amping should be done by the end of this week.
– we decided to work some more on
cideraid‘s pre-production, mainly to bring producer julien fehlmann in to add his input.  the drum-recording will start on the 25th of september at studio mécanique, and we’re really looking forward to move on to the next level with this album.
– also, i will start tracking a demo w/
calcined by the end of september, this should be fun as well.

remote lane played another bunch of shows, and proved to become quite the live-band. by now they’ve developped a pretty tight sound, which makes my job quite a bit easier.
– i worked at the rfi in fribourg for a pretty intense week – not my cup of tea music-wise, but the folks were very nice indeed. lots of running and fixing stuff beyond fixing.
– throughout the whole october and the start of november i’ll be on tour/doing the sound for
the ocean as the opening act for the cancer bats/the dillinger escape plan eu-tour. looking quite nice so far, i’m stoked as hell.

as always, i got a couple of nifty events lined-up, which should feature some intense headbanging and wall to wall-vomiting later on:
–  operation: impending doom XV is happing next saturday, the 18th at the café xxè in fribourg. we’re having
zatokrev and mycelia playing, plus djs hq, mara and winekellar spinning the wheels of steel (or plastic, for that matter), we’re doing bbq on the balcony, the cal of ror-guys will put up a cd-/vinyl-shop, plus and llyrdwen are exposing some nice pictures taken over the course of the last o:ids. i wouldn’t want to miss this if i were you…
remote lane will be playing the metal assault-festival in grand-vennes/lausanne on the 1st october, w/ samael etc.
saïko records will be hosting a festival at the nouveau monde in fribourg on the 5th and 6th of november, featuring some of the greatest indie bands from switzerland…

oh yeah, no rest of the wicked. see you all out there!

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new records & shows coming your way!

whoa, has it been that long since i posted something up here? sorry for the delay, but that’s pretty much a good sign… because it means i’m busy as f*ck.
here’s what’s been going on lately:
– i finished recording / editing / mixing progsik‘s upcoming demo, which was lots of fun. hopefully i’ll be doing some more work with these guys in the future.
– i started to record lifeless hill, a hardcore-band from romont. drums and the first guitar are done, looking good so far.
– the pre-production for cideraid is finally done, we’ll be entering studio mécanique in about two weeks to track the drums w/ julien fehlmann. lots of excitement there!
– i mixed a bunch of neat shows throughout switzerland, such as remote lane @ fri-son/fribourg w/ lamb of god and a week later w/ cynic @ schüür/lucerne, amagortis‘ record release-show @ bad bonn/düdingen, kejnu @ dynamo/zurich, and finally i babysitted a nice midas and some fancy outboard-gear at the jazz-parade in fribourg.

booking-wise i’m currently focusing on remote lane, so here are a couple of additional shows for ya:

100730 –  immortal sphere-festival / wattenwil
100806 –  bad bonn / düdingen (w/ cruszt)
100911 –  v. o. music-club / lausanne
101001 –  metal assault-festival / grand-vennes (w/ störtregn, cyphery, eskeype)

the lads did astonishingly well as the opening act for lamb of god, despite a slight technical hiccup (as in ‘no more guitar for half a song’) during the show – and they actually sold more cds than lamb of god! ok, it’s probably fair to say that lamb of god didn’t bring any, but… still.

i’d really love to point out two shows at this very end of the post, so bear with me:
• you shouldnt’ miss remote lane playing the bad bonn on the 6th of august, this event could be quite fun – plus cruszt are quite a cool band, happy to have them on board too – let’s just hope they don’t get stuck in a post-building this time around :-).
> go here to follow the event on facebook

•  on the 18th of september, i’ll be throwing the next operation: impending doom-bash at the xxè, and since it’s the first one after the summer-break, we’re having another round of bbq on the balcony, three bands live on stage (among them: mycelia from zurich and rorcal from geneva), a bunch of djs around the clock (hq, mara, winekellar, etc.), and a friggin’ huge merch-stand for all the lovers of nice records and stuff.
> go here to follow the event on facebook

yeahyeahyeah – looking good!

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remote lane: important show confirmed!

oh yeah, about time:
remote lane will be supporting lamb of god at their only summer swiss-show next friday the 4th at the fri-son in fribourg – plus i’ll be the aftershow-dj, so that should be fun too.
tickets are on sale about everywhere, go and grab ’em!

in other news, the day after there’ll be a full metal-event at the nouveau monde, also in fribourg – with mighty impure wilhelmina headlining, plus direct support from redheads are vampires, plus prevail over one’s horizon… i’m posting this because i’ll be doing the sound for impure, which should be fun as well.

100604 – lamb of god w/ remote lane, dj el muerte @ fri-son, fribourg
100605 – impure wilhelmina, w/redheads are vampires, prevail over one’s horizon @ nouveau monde, fribourg

see you all out there!

looking back on the last three weeks, plus outlook on next events & so forth… the usual mayhem.

oh well… i’m definitely not complaining about not having enough work – good god, it might just work out!
i did a bunch of nice shows, of which some turned out really friggin’ close to my best work up to date… kejnu & amagortis would be on top, i guess – post-folk and death metal, that’s where my head is at, i suppose… :-).
100319 – kejnu @ oxx/zofingen
100320 – operation: impending doom XIII w/ battalion, radwaste @ café le xxéme/fribourg
100303 – full metal w/ gwydion, abinchova, tschäggättä @ nouveau monde/fribourg
100417 – amagortis & remote lane @ ébull/bulle

on the studio-side of things, here’s what’s been going on:
• demoed the future album from cideraid the 2nd of april, pics can be found here – plus the week after we started pre-production on the drums (again, for pics go here), and now we moved on to guitars. the whole pre-production should be done by the beginning of may, which will leave them about two months before entering the studio… good times!
• finished recording guitars w/ progsik for a three track-ep, vocals should be added around the end of may, with a july-release being highly possible.

alright, now on to more things related to the near future – here are a bunch of dates i’m involved with, either by booking bands, organizing the whole damn event, just twisting the knobs, providing tech-services, or all of it:
100430 – attack vertical @ les archives/bulle
100501 – remote lane @ moshpit/naters
100508 – the ocean & co @ break the silence-festival/bern
100515 – operation: impending doom XIV w/ darkrise, daïgoro, cryless, dj hq @ café le xxéme/fribourg
100519 – high fidelity w/ rita hey @ nouveau monde/fribourg
100529 – @ sounddock14/dietikon
100605 – full metal w/ impure wilhelmina, redheads are vampires, prevail over one’s horizon @ nouveau monde/fribourg
100611 – remote lane w/ cynic @ schüür/luzern
100619 – amagortis @ bad bonn/düdingen

i’ll also start work on a six-track w/ lifeless hill, a metalcore-band from romont – this should be fun too, they’ve got a good groove going on.

alright, see you all out there & remember: hit it good. hit it good & hard!

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