Audio: Studio

Engineered records for Magnus Lindberg/Redmount Studio (SE), David Castillo/Fascination Street Studios (SE), Andrew Schneider/Translator Audio (US), etc.
Engineered/produced/mixed/mastered for Unhold, When Icarus Falls, Peace Is Just A Break, Todos Destinos, Oh My Deer, Facing The Enemy, Norvhar, The Burden Remains, Burning Flesh, Hook, Line & Sinker, etc.

Currently in progress: Facing The Enemy, Akantha, Menura, etc.

Some samples of my studio-work:

Norvhar – Kauna (EP, 2019)
(Folk-Metal – Recording/Production/Mix/Master


Fat Wang – Guru (EP, 2019)
(Rock/Noise – Mastering)


Unhold – Here Is The Blood (LP, 2018)
(Post/Sludge – Engineering/Recording/Production)


Hook, Line and Sinker – Chainsaw backstab (EP, 2018)
(Rock/Stoner – Recording/Production/Mix/Master)


Peace Is Just A Break  – Little Boy (LP, 2017)
(Metal/Groove – Engineering/Recording/Production/Mix/Master)


The Burden Remains & The Horns of the Seventh Seal – Touchstone (LP, 2017)
(Metal & Horns-Orchestra – Engineering/Recording/Production)
This one is a bit of an oddball… Full blown orchestra of 42 people including horns, winds, percussion and co, on top of a metal band. Good times!


When Icarus Falls – Resilience (LP, 2016)
(Post Metal – Engineering/Recording/Production)


The Leaving – Faces (LP, 2016)
(Folk/Shoegaze – Engineering/Recording/Production)


Anachronism – Reflecting The Inside (EP, 2015)
(Death Metal – Engineering/Recording/Production/Mixing)


Darius – Grain (LP, 2015)
(Post Rock/Instrumental – Engineering/Recording/Production/Mixing)


Oh My Deer – Aigre-doux (EP, 2015)
(Dreamy pop/Folk/Jazz – Engineering/Recording/Production/Mixing/Mastering)


The Burden Remains – Fragments (LP, 2014)
(Metal – Engineering/Recording/Production)


Kruger – Adam & Steve (LP, 2014)
(Metal – Drum- & Bass-Reamp Engineering)


Red Kunz (EP, 2014)
(Stoner – Live-Engineering/-Recording/Mixing)


The Fawn – Collegium (LP)
(Pop – Mix/Master off a live-recording)

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