Currently in progress: The Burden Remains & The Horns of the Seventh Seal, Peace Is Just A Break, Burning Flesh, etc.

Some samples of my studio-work:

The Burden Remains & The Horns of the Seventh Seal – Touchstone (LP, 2017)
(Metal & Horns-Orchestra – Engineering/Recording/Production)
This one is a bit of an oddball… Full blown orchestra of 42 people including horns, winds, percussion and co, on top of a metal band. Good times!

When Icarus Falls – Resilience (LP, 2016)
(Post Metal – Engineering/Recording/Production)

The Leaving – Faces (LP, 2016)
(Folk/Shoegaze – Engineering/Recording/Production)

Facing The Enemy – EP (2016)
(Metal/Hardcore – Engineering/Recording/Production/Mixing)

Operation Blockhead – Dope City (LP, 2015)
(Rock/Punk – Engineering/Recording/Production/Mixing)


Anachronism – Reflecting The Inside (EP, 2015)
(Death Metal – Engineering/Recording/Production/Mixing)


Darius – Grain (LP, 2015)
(Post Rock/Instrumental – Engineering/Recording/Production/Mixing)

Oh My Deer – Aigre-doux (EP, 2015)
(Dreamy pop/Folk/Jazz – Engineering/Recording/Production/Mixing/Mastering)

The Burden Remains – Fragments (LP, 2014)
(Metal – Engineering/Recording/Production)

Kruger – Adam & Steve (LP, 2014)
(Metal – Drum- & Bass-Reamp Engineering)

Red Kunz (EP, 2014)
(Stoner – Drum-Engineering/Recording/Mixing)

The Fawn – Collegium (LP)
(Pop – Mix/Master off a live-recording)

Acts I’ve worked with live:

Gojira (FR), Cult Of Luna (SE), Stress (CH), Kadebostany (CH), Red Fang (US), Aborted (BE), Intronaut (US), The Ocean (DE), War From A Harlots Mouth (DE), Earthship (DE), Zatokrev (CH), Abraham (CH), Herod (CH), Amagortis (CH), The Burden Remains (CH), Coilguns (CH), Kunz (CH), Kejnu (CH), etc. (Incomplete list, there’s far too many…).
I’ve done pretty much everything from small intimate club setting, to huge indoor and outdoor shows (Roskilde Festival, Wacken, etc.) and complete five to six week tours, often also providing tour-management and backline-services.


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