Hi, my name is Chris.
I started out as a sound engineer ten years back or so, and have somehow ended up here.
I’m running these things base out of La Chaux-de-Fonds/Switzerland, and my goal is to make things happen – Simple as that.
I provide a number of services to creative acts from all over Europe and beyond, often working with other people with the same mindset.

Feel free to contact me anytime!
Audio-engineering: contact [at] fireantmusic.ch
Tour/Events: production [at] fireantmusic.ch
Phone: +41 (0) 79 520 21 38

Partners in crime:

Solver Productions
Management/PreProd/Advancing/Events/Logistics, great partners & incredibly easy to work with!
Hit them up here: patrick@solver-productions.com

Patrick Häberli
Light designer/Photographer/Videographer, buddy for ages, just check out his work and you’ll know why!
Hit him up here: mail@patrickhaeberli.com

Rolf Pedalboards
Another buddy of mine, doing the sickest and slickest custom pedalboards out there – This is for all the gearporn-nerds out there.
Hit him up here: christophe@rolfpedalboards.com

Blend Studio
Great location to track & mix, featuring wicked gear, staff, and a slick view.

La Fonderie Studio
Sweet multi-room tracking studio in Fribourg, with a big main room, a couple of smaller rooms, and three mixing/editing rooms – I do a lot of recording there, and so should you!

Felix Fivaz
Downstairs studio neighbour, killer drummer and all around creative person – Plus a secret weapon when it comes to doing percussion overdubs.

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