Monthly Archives: November 2015

New music / current projects

All is well in the lands:
– Finished up the mix for Operation Blockhead‘s upcoming album «Dope City» just a few weeks back, they’ve just put up a new song – Stream the opener «Irascible Kid» right here (Youtube).
– Currently closing in on the Facing The Enemy-EP we started tracking some time ago. Gang-vocals were recorded last weekend, should be reamping/start to mix anytime soon.
– Had a few off-shows with Aborted from France to Holland and back – Went down pretty smooth, despite a few annoying moments here and there. If you’ve ever wondered what crazy thing happen backstage, here you can get a proper idea…

I’m currently gearing up for the upcoming Alpine Coalition-tour, which is a nifty little project me and Danny/B-team booking have been working on – Basically some of Switzerland’s coolest sludge/doom bands will do a quick run of shows together, here’s what this looks like:

03. 12. 2015: Rössli Bar, Bern
04. 12. 2015: Bikini Test, La Chaux-De-Fonds
05. 12. 2015: Nouveau Monde, Fribourg
11. 12. 2015: Grabenhalle, St. Gallen
12. 12. 2015: Biomill, Laufen
I honestly think that this will be amazing, and you shouldn’t miss out on this one!