New music, trips and a residency

Cool stuff keeps on happening here in FAM-land:

– For fans of Folk/Shoegaze: First up, The Leaving (Brainchild of ZATOKREV‘s very own and insanely talented Fredy) have just released the first track from an upcoming album. This record was engineered and tracked by me at La Fonderie in fribourg back in 2014 with a few very annoying technical glitches, and finally mixed by Noah Landis from Neurosis, and finalized at Golden Mastering/CA. Listen to «Hurtmachine» here:

– For fans of Ska/Reggae/Rock: Todos Destinos just posted a track of our freshly finished album online, this one literally couldn’t have possibly gone online quicker… ten musicians, fifteen tracks, three months of work. Tracked in Lutry (Blend Studio, Drums) and Neyruz (The rest) to 90% by me, mixed by me, and mastered by the great Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios in Freiburg/DE, this one will make you tap your foot quicker than you’d expect.
Listen to «Facteur N» right here:

– The trips to South Africa and Cairo were amazing, even though the latter one was a bit stressful. In SF we got to hang around for a bit in Cape Town, the first show there was in a small club, the second show was in Johannesburg in a bigger venue – LS9 all the way, plus very cool crew and promoter! In Cairo I actually got to see the Pyramids, which was super awesome. The show was alright, but difficulties in communication with the local crew plus a bit whacky gear made it a bit annoying, plus pretty much had to rush out straight after the show to catch the 3am flight.


Quick shot from Joburg-FOH w/ Aborted:

And here’s one from Cairo w/ Aborted:


Since I’ve been back I have advanced on quite a few studio-things, like tracking drums for an upcoming Facing The Enemy-EP.


I also just did a three day stint at Le Romandie in Lausanne with The View Electrical, getting them stage-ready for a few upcoming shows. The idea was to incorporate the new musicians, and also arrange a few details like samples, etc. for the live-set. It was an intense bit of work put in there, but the result speaks for itself. Stoked to see where this will go!

A&H ilive has proven a bit messy, but the ipad did the track quite well:



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