Monthly Archives: August 2015


Alright, another busy summer coming to terms…

  1. Todos Destinos: After quite a few weeks of tracking ten musicians for fifteen songs, a bit of editing, and a whole lot of mixing, I’ve finished the first round of this project, we’ll be patching things up soon and send it off to mastering. Can’t wait to see the final outcome, quite bit of work went into this album. Once more, live tracking and minimal editing proofed to be the life of the party, I immensely enjoyed working like this again. Here‘s a link for their page.
  2. Oh My Deer: Finally got to retouch the master, things should be off to the pressing plant any day now. Live tracking and straight up mixing a few days later, plus the music was quite a bit out of my usual comfort zone. Good times, check their facebook for updates.
  3. Did a few off shows here and there with the mighty Aborted, good times were had. Pretty much everything from the tiny german metal fest to legendary Graspop in belgium in front of 9000 – 10’000. People. Running huge systems like that is quite the treat, even though not all the local crew are always on par with their work… Oh well, we crushed anyways.
  4. Oh, I also went ahead and did a three week russian underground-tour with my own band, Cortez. Did I mention that? Shit was off charts, can’t believe it’s over. Here‘s a proper recap from Greg, our drummer, and here‘s a clip from St. Petersburg. Y’all need to watch this.
    We also played mighty Rock Altitude festival in Le Locle a week ago, together with our buddies from Ølten and co. – Good times too, and probably the last show before we head off to do a new record. Here‘s a clip from that show.

Off to south africa with Aborted now, that’s a first. Also, later this year: Egypt, Tel Aviv, Dubai. Crazy year, and by large not done yet.


Pic: Aborted @ Graspop, june 19.