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Attack Vertical-Residency

Last month (3rd to 6th of april) we did a week long-residency at the Nouveau Monde in Fribourg to prepare and rehearse the set for the band’s upcoming record release-show there and all the following additional shows. The canton of fribourg has been developing projects like these a lot throughout the last couple of years, and it’s amazing to see the difference this kind of work really makes in the end… Being able to rehearse with full light- and sound-production and having someone coach the band through all things song-, set- and performance-wise is the ultimate bonus, and I’m not saying this purely out of self-promotional reasons: Working back and forth between the band and the crew makes life a lot easier for everybody. From learning how to communicate between the two parties and dialing in backline-tones, to fixing play through-flaws, finding out which song-order works best, etc., things get a lot more awesome by the minute. The ultimate goal would be to program the desk, do a simple line-check, and have everything at maximum satan from the start. Plus in this case the band showed up well rehearsed, which definitely added to the experience (duh!).

Here’s a few snapshots from the setup, etc.:

band blau band rot band talking
pano b


Gear wise I tried out a few variations:
Other than the usual D6/B91 for kick drum, e604 for toms, AT E300/E906 for guitar-cabs, etc., I used a DW-trigger straight into the desk as a somewhat snare bottom-sound (Which adds a nice crackle to the snare top, without any usual phase issues), and used a D112 on the biggest floor tom, which gave me heaps of low end, and not as much cymbal bleed as expected.

Also, got an X32 for the whole week, and pretty much used all possible features including snapshots/bits, multi tracking/virtual soundcheck, etc. Good times were had, and the reactions from the crowd definitely proofed us right. Might as well have been due to tight/killer lighting by the amazing Patrick Häberli, but what do I know… #fohdreamteam for the win!