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Just spent five days at the at always great SAS club in Delémont to prepare and rehearse the album release show for the local rock band Manitu.

We used an interesting combination of Behringer’s X32 rack as the stagebox and full console at front of house, so that the monitoring would stay constant with their future shows, and in case the X32 full would not be available for FOH we’d just pull out an ipad or two and use those to mix. Needless to say everything went more than smooth, and I keep getting overwhelmed by the functionality of this desk. Whatever issue came up, it rarely took more than five minutes to come up with a solution. So again, props to Behringer – I instantly made sure there will be one waiting for me for the next residency in two weeks…

Mic-wise, we went for the usual combination of D6/91 on kick, D2 for toms, Heil’s Pr20 and a e604 on snare, AT3000 on overheads/hat/ride, Heil Pr30 on guitar/bass, and a line6 wireless with an SM58 capsule for lead vocals – Nothing complicated here, although we messed around with a few options, but pretty quickly came back to this choice.

Also got to work with the mighty light engineer Patrick Häberli again, who made sure my eye sockets feel proper abused after five days of intense visual wave bombardment.

Check out a few un/quality pics:

stage x32me

All things studio

Still heavy at work at quite a few studio projects here.
As mentioned before, there’s no end to this in sight, and cool projects keep rolling in:

– Still doing a few touchups on the upcoming Anachronism-EP, you should be in for a few samples very soon.

– Finished touching up the mixes for the upcoming Cutty Sark-EP, and just sent out the final master-files. My guess is, these guys might be throwing a few snippets online quite soon.

– Finished tracking drums, bass and guitar of the upcoming Operation Blockhead-album over the last couple of weeks, it was quite the pleasure to work with this band. Gonna attack vocals in the coming weeks, couldn’t be more stoked for this project.

– Finished tracking drums and guitars for the upcoming Redheads Are Vampires-EP, gonna attack the bass-recording in a couple of days… Check out these quick shots from the guitar-tracking sessions, quite some nice gear going on there:
10968482_10152843926828692_5763656717312009774_n 1510525_10152843926938692_6944872146642349931_n

– I also mastered the upcoming Album by the noise band Welington Irish Black Warrior, which was mixed by the ever amazing Louis Jucker (Kunz, Coilguns, etc.), new music should be out soon!

– Just re-opened an older project that was on stand by for a while… It was interesting to see how I shaped my mixes a year ago, the urge to redo a few things was strong, but I finally was able to find some common middle ground – This essentially means that Dramaqueen’s new record is well on the way now, can’t wait to master this thing!