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I’ve been doing quite the bunch of studio stuff over the last couple of months, here’s a little taste about what’s going on:

– The mix for the upcoming Darius-album has been finished by october, mastering has been handled by the great Magnus Lindberg. Close to zero edits, no sampling, just a cool band hitting hard. Good times.

– Swiss death metal masters Anachronism have been uploading a bunch of studio clips right here: #1 / #2. There’s also a teaser with raw/unmixed audio, check that out here. I am currently in the process of finalizing the mix, mastering will be handled by the great Serge Spiga.

– Just before I headed out on tour, I tracked two days worth of live prog rock by Cutty Sark, featuring drums, bass, guitars and keyboards, all in the same room. Loved doing this! Live tracking always forces me to go for the most intense take, not the cleanest one. Currently finishing the mixes, here, too. Mastering will be done by me, this time around.

– Haut&Court’s new album «Troffea», which I mastered, should be out soon, Metalsucks just premiered the first track off of it – Go here to check out «Hienes».

I am currently preparing to track new stuff by Operation Blockhead, Redheads Are Vampires, Todos Destinos, and a few more, so watch this space for studio-scoops, more songs, etc.!

(Getting dem tones for Redheads Are Vampires)

Aborted tour-recap

Barely got home from a proper round of touring with the fine gents from Aborted pretty much all over europe. Did the mistake of adding a bunch of local shows, and pushing my ears too far, so I had to do quite the long break around christmas/beginning of january before I could pick things up. Lots of studio time ahead now, I’ll keep you posted about all things that are happening!

In the mean time, here’s some info on the tour/setup we did:
Support came from the great Origin, Exhumed and Miasmal, we shared one backline, pretty much everybody was super rad and down to earth. No weird situations, even though we basically were 24 people crammed into one tight nightliner. Also, got to work with the ever so great Patrick Häberli (Lights/TM), and Selina (Merch), so we our very own swiss crew thing going on.

20-11-2014 Rockfabrik Nürnberg Germany
21-11-2014 JC De Klinker Aarschot Belgium
22-11-2014 Gebäude 9 Köln Germany
23-11-2014 Marx Hamburg germany
24-11-2014 Pumpehuset Copenhagen Denmark
25-11-2014 John Dee Oslo Norway
26-11-2014 Bilardkompanietj Kristianstad Sweden
27-11-2014 Konfuse esjberg Denmark
28-11-2014 Hellraiser Leipzig Germany
29-11-2014 Lido Berlin Germany
30-11-2014 Fabryaka Club Cracow Poland
01-12-2014 Alibi Wroclaw Poland
02-12-2014 Nova Chmelnice Prague Czech
03-12-2014 Randall Bratislava Slovakia
04-12-2014 Viper Room Vienna austria
05-12-2014 Feierwerk Munich Germany
06-12-2014 Traffic Club Rome Italy
07-12-2014 Le Korigan Luynes france
08-12-2014 Razz 3 Barcelona Spain
09-12-2014 Caracol Madrid Spain
10-12-2014 Metronum Toulouse France
11-12-2014 Ubu Rennes France
12-12-2014 Divan du monde Paris France
13-12-2014 Eindhoven Metal Meeting Eindhoven Netherlands
14-12-2014 Underworld London United Kingdom
15-12-2014 Grillen Colmar France
16-12-2014 Steinbruch Theater Darmstadt Germany
17-12-2014 Jubez Karlsruhe Germany
18-12-2014 Rock It Aalen Germany
19-12-2014 Gaswerk Winterthur Switzerland
20-12-2014 Turock Essen Germany

We had some super cool backline, including Aborted’s Pearl Touring-Kit, EVH-guitar heads and cabs, and an Ampeg/SVT bass rig.
Mic-wise I had my own set with me, nothing out of the ordinary though. Besides the usual set of Sm57/e604 on snare, e604 on toms, and a triggered kick, I used my trusty NT5s on hat/splash, an AT E3000 on ride, and a combination of e906 and AT E3000 on guitars – The ATs are super cool on pretty much everything I ever tried them on… Already did a bunch of toms with them too, pretty neat for this kind of music.

I also brought out a little rack, with a SPL DynaMaxx for FOH L/R and two DBX 160x for bass and vocals, which proved handy in a lot of situations – Either I could balance out some clubs’ cheap gear, or simply add a bit of sweetness to a already cool rig.

By the third show I also had my cues pretty much down. Nothing out of the ordinary here, just messed around with some chorus/short reverb on the lead vocals to fatten them up and spread them out a bit.

Can’t wait for the next shows to come up, always fun helming the desk for these guys!

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