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Kruger/Coilguns-Recap, etc.

Just got back from the Kruger-/Coilguns-Tour a week ago, already neck deep in new projects…

The shows were good fun, as both bands were well prepared & oiled. We had a few technical issues here and there (Usually with Jona/Coilguns’ pedalboard), but other than that and the nasty cough I’ve been carrying around ever since, everything went rather smooth. Given that it was a lo-key tour, I was positively surprised by the professionalism by most of these small venues, gear was almost always cool and there was more for me to do than just mixing kick drum, vocals and a little bit of reverb.

Here’s the ten shows we did:
16-oct-14 Strasbourg (F) – Molodoï
17-oct-14 Lille (F) – Péniche
18-oct-14 London (UK) – Underworld
19-oct-14 Eragny (FR) – Covent Garden
20-oct-14 Nantes (F) – Ferrailleur
21-oct-14 Clermont – Ferrand (F) – Raymond
22-oct-14 Toulouse (F) – Dynamo
23-oct-14 Montpellier (F) – Black Sheep
24-oct-14 Le Fayet (FR) – Repair des Ours
25-oct-14 St Imier (CH) – Espace Noir

Here’s a clip I shot at the Ferrailleur in Nantes/FR with my Macbook’s iSight cam, plus a multitrack-recording a quickly mixed in the back of the bus – Speedometer by Kruger, featuring Jona:

Also, here’s the whole touring party carrying me:

And me fixing Jona’s shit: