Upcoming shows

Lots of cool gigs coming up, check out this list:

September 26 @ Treibhaus, Luzern (w/ Herod)
November 29 @ Sunset, Martigny (w/ Herod)

September 26 @ Treibhaus, Luzern (w/ Abraham)
November 1 @ Metal Retaliation, Lausanne (w/ Benighted, etc.)
November 29 @ Sunset, Martigny (w/ Abraham)

September 26 @ Pla7 Festival, Tavannes

The Burden Remains
October 24 @ Coq d’Or, Olten (w/ Suborned & Total Annihilation)
November 1 @ Bad Bonn, Düdingen (w/ Gravel Path)
November 28 @ Flösserplatz, Aarau (w/ Hellvetica & EXIT)
December 19 @ Met-Bar, Lenzburg (w/ Hellvetica, etc.)
January 17 @ Manoir Pub, St. Maurice (w/ Voice Of Winter)


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