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…And christmas is knocking on the door

Alright, this is getting ridiculous – As much as I would love to keep this page up to date, things don’t come easy. It’s been a good 1.5 months, and since it’s almost end of the year, everybody and their mother wants to get shit done. Which is completely understandable, but hard to do. Well, let’s get on to business then!

The Abraham mini-tour was good fun, even if there might have been a bit too much down time/off days. But definitely not comparable to coming back to CH and playing two mighty shows (Amalgame/Yverdon & Ebull/Bulle) – Especially the last one was the shit, also because I got to run the board for Cortez too… That event will stay in my head for a while, a solid round of ass kicking all around!

Did another bunch of off-shows w/ Abraham, Toronaut, Soften, Algebra, etc., and got to try out a couple of new techniques, so that was fun – I really love digging into band’s records & making their vision come to life during concerts by trying to re-create certain details, and most of these bands do have tons of them, so this does definitely not get boring!

On the studio side of things, I finally started tracking with The Burden Remains at the great Blend Studio in Lutry – Plus, we did it live, so that was a fun experience to begin with! Currently recording vocals pretty much until Christmas, and then I get to dump all of the album at the mighty Raph Bovey’s studio for mix & mastering… That way I can go nuts with the songs and not worry too much about the mixing stage of all of this. You can follow the process on their page, just hit this link.


Next up are two off shows, both at Ebull again (The great Intronaut on friday the 13th, and Ølten on the 21st), and then finally the last couple of shows from germany’s War From A Harlots Mouth, who’ll go on indefinite hiatus after this… Which totally blows! Never the less, I’m heavily looking forward to these five shows since this is a fun band to mix live & a bunch of awesome people – Here are the dates:
December 26, Underground/Köln (DE)
December 27, Le Pot Au Lait/Liège (BE)
December 28, Sputnikhalle/Münster (DE)
December 29, Tower/Bremen (DE)
December 30, Magnet/Berlin (DE)


I’ve also booked a bunch of shows for Ølten, here’s an incomplete listing – Can’t talk about all that’s gonna happen just yet, but will do so soon!
January 17, Le Romandie/Lausanne
February 14, Amalgame/Yverdon
February 15, Case à Chocs/Neuchâtel
February 22, Gaswerk/Winterthur
March 08, Café du Soleil, Saignelégier
+ A bunch of shows TBC!


Coming up next: Good times with Red Kunz (Any guess what that might be about?), Cortez, Kruger, The Leaving, etc… Yeah!