Monthly Archives: October 2013

Already Mid-october!

Damn, time flies by. Sorry for being lazy with updates, but again: It’s mainly because I was busy as fuck, so at least I have a good excuse.

Ok, let’s see… Monkey3, Metal Assault & Co were good fun, and I also got to move forward with quite a bunch of studio projects: Finished Tax Collector’s Mastering, edited Science Of Disorder’s drum recordings for the upcoming EP (Might handle mixing duties on that one after all, let’s see), worked with The Burden Remains on the songs for their new album, etc.

Next up are a bunch of cool live shows, which I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while now. First there’s a mini-tour with Abraham:
19.10.2013 Reil 78, Halle, D
20.10.2013 Estrada Stagebar, Bydgoszcz, PL
21.10.2013 Magnet, Berlin, D w/Deafheaven
24.10.2013 Hall of Fame, Tilburg, NL
26.10.2013 Michelet, Nantes, FR

In the meantime the great Ølten will be playing to very cool shows:
19th october – Bar King – Neuchâtel (CH) – w/ Dustcharger
25th october – Bikini Test – La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH) – w/ EF

After that there’ll be a weekend of total mayhem:
31. 10. 2013 Abraham @ Amalgame, Yverdon
01. 11. 2013 Abraham & Cortez @ Ebull, Bulle
02. 11. 2013 Cortez @ Sunset, Martigny

Then there’s a bunch of off-shows w/ Attack Vertical, yet again w/ Abraham, etc.
And finally I’ll get to work with the great Toronaut for the upcoming shows for his new album «Hiss». The idea is to stay as close as possible do the ambiece-sounds of the album, so I’ll probably have to program some effects & run quite the gear for the shows. Record release show is on november 15 at the BadBonn, couldn’t be more stoked.

On the very same weekend I’ll also finally be entering the studio w/ a yet secret project, we’ll be tracking live, one song a day, it’s gonna be sweet!

I should probably mention that I’ve already got way more projects on my list than I can mention here, I’m currently planning out the first quarter of 2014 – Stoked to have things running so smoothly!