Monthly Archives: September 2013


The last couple of days have been slow, mostly due to all clubs being close around here – But essentially that meant more time to focus on studio work, which is precisely what I’ve been doing amongst a selected few shows. In mid-august I ran the board for both Redheads Are Vampires and Algebra at the Grill The Hill in Lausanne, and had the honor of doing the same for the mighty Orange Goblin at the Rock Altitude Festival to a packed tent full of roaring fans… Fun show, definitely a highlight of this summer.

Since then I’ve mainly focused on finishing the edit and mixing for the upcoming Dramaqueen-album (First round of mixing is over by now, intense few days!), sat down with a couple of people to talk about upcoming projects, and tracked drums for the upcoming Science of Disorder-EP. The latter was quite fun to do, since the drummer was well rehearsed & experienced.

Check out the setup for this session:


Next up are a bunch of off shows for No Hope Booking, Ølten, Monkey3 and Zatokrev, taking care of the stage for Lausanne’s Metal Assault Festival, another The Burden Remains-show, and then finally a short Abraham-Tour through mainland EU.

There’ll be a bunch of updates regarding all of these adventures, I’ll keep you posted whenever I get the chance!