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Ølten-Residency at SAS/Delémont

After finishing a successful tour with Cortez & celebrating this by the means of a nice BBQ, I jumped on a new project the very next day:

Since three days now I’ve been holed up at the SAS in Delémont/CH, and working with the local instrumental sludge-band Ølten on their release show for this coming friday.
The idea was to work out sounds & performance as precisely as possible, so we spent a good time choosing miks, tuning sounds, fixing monitors, etc., and are currently trying to hit the sweet spot for every song and the setlist in general – And I’m following closely at the desk by working out automations and effects. Check out a bunch of pics from our work so far:

View from FOH:
– Soundcraft Vi1
– DBX 160 (Kick/Snare)


– DW-Kit
– Kick: Audix D6 & Shure B91
– Snare: Shure SM57 & Sennheiser 604
– Toms: Audix D2 (Rack & Floor)
– OH/HH: Shure KSM 137
– LP Mic Claws


– Fender Bassman/Ampeg Fridge: EV RE20
– Dan Armstrong/Marshall-Cab: Shure SM57
– Radial passive DI for Low End


– Hiwatt/Sunn Heads through Emperor Custom Cabs: Shure SM57/Sennheiser E906

Also, the band just released a song and some trailers from the upcoming EP on Hummus & Division Records – Check them out here: Teaser N°1 | Teaser N°2 | Song: Blöm

Cortez-Tour recap

And another one already over. The Cortez-Tour has been a short run, plus we had a bunch of days off to get enough fresh air from all the small & humid caves we encountered along the way… The shows made clear how important good gear and a well rehearsed band really is – Props to the guys for making this as easy as possible on me.

We had the chance to finish on a pretty fat note, as we played both the Toxoplasmose-Festival (Sonvilier) and the Romandie (Lausanne) as the two remaining dates – Both of them were well attended & received, plus I had some great gear to mess around with.

Check out Cortez’ clip for the song «Arrogant que nous sommes» here.
And the new album «Phoebus» is being streamed here.
For one day off on may 29th I flew back to switzerland to mix The Burden Remains at Fri-Son, as they were opening for Megadeth – That was obviously a fun show to do, check out the pics here, Also, there’s quite the good review in frech on