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The Fawn

Audio Engineering update:

The Fawn finally have released the album «Collegium», and posted a bunch of songs of this project online, check it out here: 

This album was tracked in a church in St Imier/CH, I did the audio-installation, and finally mix and master it. The idea was to keep it as simple as possible, and mixed the album in a very unique way, going for atmospheres rather than technical perfection. Lots of noise & hissing on this one, but it feels raw & alive, which in my eyes/ears is quite a good thing.

Go check them out:

After the tour is before the tour!

And already back home – Intense, how after a quick period of disorientation a tour can come to a close… Proof that most of the people on this trek were easy to deal with & we all spent a good and healthy month on the road.

The tour came to a close in berlin on the 9th of may with a show at the almost sold out C-Club, hosted by Pelagic Records.
For that day we were joined by the greats of Kruger, EF, Abraham & co, and I obviously couldn’t resist doing the sound for Abraham as well… They certainly livened the festival up, no doubt about that. The day itself was quite tense for me, as I had to take care of a couple of tasks too many. Sad to see my last show with The Ocean blurred by the day’s complications, but luckily the show did the trick & the crowd was very much into it. We ran quite late and by the time Cult Of Luna hit the stage I was almost completely out of energy. Lucky for me I still got to catch the last couple of songs, and seeing them pulverizing the Club with an intense rendition of «In Awe Of…» did the trick for me in the end.

This tour has been great in many ways, the only real regret is that I couldn’t find one solid night of sleep on the nightliner during the whole run – Oh well…
Highlights def were the shows at Gaswerk and Pelagic Fest (At least COL), running into great people along the way, finding out that COL are really just a bunch of music nerds with a good hand for great music, and obviously getting to help them out from time to time (Stage tech, backline, running monitors, etc.).


In the few days since my return I’ve already managed to do another four shows (Cortez, Le Grand Mal, Coilguns, Abraham), spend some time at the studio with Haute Volta, and plan a whole bunch of great things for this summer and fall. Next up is a short stint at the helm of Cortez, we’re doing a quick FR/E/CH-run in support of their new album «Phoebus» – Check out the dates:

24. 05., Rouen/FR, Emporium Gallorium
25. 05., Lille/FR, La Malterie
27. 05., Caen/FR, Porte Sans Clé
28. 05., Nantes/FR, Le Ferrailleur
30. 05., Bordeaux/FR, Blackroom
31. 05., Bilbao/ES, Txarraska Gaztetxea
01. 06., Madrid/ES, Royal Palace
04. 06., Perpignan/FR, l’Ubu
05. 06., Villefranche de Rouergue/FR, Les HautsParleurs
06. 06., Clermont-Ferrand/FR, Raymond Bar
07. 06., St-Imier/CH, Toxoplasmose Festival
08. 06., Lausanne/CH, Le Romandie
Looking forward to this, as these guys have put tremendous effort into their new album and the upcoming live-shows – Having a well rehearsed & equipped band is still the best thing happening to a soundguy when it comes down to it.