Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Ocean-Tour

And it’s almost end of april – Busy as usual, even though on a slightly bigger scale.
Next to wrapping up a bunch of studio-projects (Mixing/Mastering We Said’s upcoming EP, Algebra’s upcoming live-album, etc.) I went out for a couple of headline-shows w/ The Ocean, and about one week ago we joined the mighty Cult Of Luna for a four week long trip throughout mainland EU. Here are the dates:

12.04.2013 Bikini Test, La Chaux-De-Fonds/CH
13.04.2013 L’autre canal, Nancy/FR (w/ Gojira, Vader, etc.)
14.04.2013 Borderline, London/UK
15.04.2013 MacDaid’s, Le Havre/FR
16.04.2013 Le Ferrailleur, Nantes/FR (w/ Intronaut, etc.)
17.04.2013 Glazart, Paris/FR (w/ Intronaut, etc.)
18.04.2013 Pustervik, Gothenburg/SE
19.04.2013 Lilla Vega, Copenhague/DK

20.04.2013 Roadburn Festival, Tilburg/NL
21.04.2013 Impetus Festival, Belfort/FR
22.04.2013 Fri-Son, Fribourg/CH
23.04.2013 Bloom, Mezzago/IT
24.04.2013 Traffic Club, Rome/IT
25.04.2013 Adriatico Boulevard, Missano/IT
26.04.2013 Gaswerk, Winterthur/CH
27.04.2013 Club Attack, Zagreb/HR
29.04.2013 Silver Church, Bucharest/RO
30.04.2013 Daos Clubo, Timisoara/RO
01.05.2013 A38, Budapest/HU
02.05.2013 P.M.T, Innsbruck/AT
04.05.2013 KFZ, Marburg/DE
05.05.2013 Kranhalle, Munich/DE
06.05.2013 Universum, Stuttgart/DE
07.05.2013 Forum, Bielefeld/DE
08.05.2013 Gebäude 9, Cologne/DE
09.05.2013 Baroeg, Rotterdam/NL
10.05.2013 C-Club, Berlin/DE

All of this got preceeded by a one week residency at the Bikini Test to programm new lights, rehearse the set, fix sounds, etc.
As this is The Ocean, we had to deal with a good amount of the now already familiar mayhem, which culminated in a broken van somewhere in france after the show in Nancy/FR, and having to cancel the following, close-to-sold-out showcase in London/UK.
Thankfully joining up w/ Cult Of Luna also meant dropping a solid load off our shoulders, as we’re now travelling in their 14m/27t nightliner, and share most of the backline. The shows have been very well visited so far, more or less without a technical glitch, and we get our asses kicked properly by COL every single night.
Quick shoutout to the toursupport from Lo! – These guys from australia are first support for this tour, and I’ve been providing my audio-engineering services to them as well for a good week by now. Feels good to have these blokes at the other end of my microphones, they’re eager to get the crowd going each night, and play tight as fuck. Great band!