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Zatokrev-Tour Recap

So I went for a quick run through FR/UK/BE with the mighty Zatokrev, and just got back a couple of days ago:

28.02.2013 – Kiosk Club Lille (FR), w/ The Lumberjack Feedback
01.03.2013 – The Unicorn London (UK), w/ From The Bogs Of Aughiska
02.03.2013 – (label showcase gig, London)
03.03.2013 – Sticky Mikes Frog Bar Brighton (UK), w/ From The Bogs Of Aughiska
04.03.2013 – The Hairy Dog Derby (UK), w/ From The Bogs Of Aughiska
05.03.2013 – Manchester
06.03.2013 – (label showcase gig, Manchester)
07.03.2013 – Scruffy Murphy‘s Birmingham (UK), w/ From The Bogs Of Aughiska
08.03.2013 – The Hole In The Wall Colchester (UK), w/ From The Bogs Of Aughiska
09.03.2013 – Vort‘N‘Vis Ieper (BE)

We knew that the technical situation was going to be difficult (I. e. bad PA/Desks/If there was any at all…) a lot of times, but as usual: Having a well prepared band at hand saved at least half of it, and we made it through most of the shows without a glitch.
I have to say though that even if there’s always a way through difficult conditions, there’s one thing I’ll never get: How can promoters not understand the importance of monitoring? Case in point, the show in Lille: No monitoring and a PA that kept cutting out resulted in Freddy almost blowing his voice, and having a sore throat for the next few shows… One of these days, I’m just going to buy a pair of my own, end of story. And maybe a desk. And some EQs. And a PA. Or something.

We generally got some good food & drinks, and even managed to drive around and catch a few sights – Always fun, even though at some point my back started acting up because of a bad mattress… Still dealing with this as of now.
At last show in Ieper/BE the local promoter had figured out we’d just sleep on the floor of the venue, which was no option for us. So instead, we immediately took off after the show & drove straight through for eight-or-so hours to Basel, which was really necessity over fun, more than anything else.

All in all this was a sweet run, and I feel like everybody made the best out of it.


Next up are a bunch of off shows, then I’m heading out w/ The Ocean, and then Cortez later in May:
15. 03.: Abraham @ Inferno Festival, Lausanne/CH
16. 03.: Cortez, Celeste, Haut&Court @ Fri-Son, Fribourg/CH
22. 03.: Zatokrev @ Doom Over Leipzig, Leipzig/DE
23. 03.: Zatokrev @ Schokoladen, Berlin/DE
29. 03.: Attack Vertical @ Ebull, Bulle/CH
30. 03.: Abraham, PHBB @ Moshpit, Naters/CH
06. 04.: Abraham @ Le Poche, Béthunes/FR

Studio-wise I’ve been doing quite a few things as well:
– Tracked, mixed and mastered Haute Volta’s EP (PsychoPop from Fribourg)
– Continued tracking We Said’s upcoming EP
– Attacked the mix/master of Algebra’s upcoming live-album
– Continued editing/mixing Dramaqueen’s upcoming album
– Tracked drums & reamped guitars/bass for Kruger’s upcoming EP

So clearly, business couldn’t be better… In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that now (Almost one year after starting doing this at 100%) I’m able to look on to an almost full agenda, and this is quite cool to aknowledge.