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Coilguns-Tour recap

Been home for two days now, still recovering/adapting. Though it was only a short run (15 shows), I still managed to get a bit sick somewhere in between. Plus basically having no time off at all was probably not the healthiest thing anyway – somewhere between trying to manage the band, taking care of the backline, and running FOH, my immune system apparently decided to go on vacation.

This tour was pretty much a smooth run, with very few bumps along the road – Having experienced musicians along for the ride definitely makes this a lot easier. Once more we did not get to enjoy any of the local sights at all. However catering/food turned out to be surprisingly well balanced & we even had time for some killer breakfast at some of our local hosts’ places… So at least regarding this matter, we got to discover a new angle on europe.

Tech-wise, the run turned out quite alright too. There were the obvious bunch of not really equipped places, up to some nice vintage & modern gear and thick PAs. Again, having a tight & good sounding band at hand really even made all the crappy places enjoyable. Sickest show (At least regarding the technical difficulties) was definitely the last one at the Bikini Test in La Chaux-De-Fonds. Load-in at noon, setup & soundcheck until 6pm… Having five additional musicians on stage, plus multi-tracking the event made for quite some last minute neurons-crushing moments.

Here’s an extract from exactly that show… I actually got to join the band on guitar for two songs, look out!


Next up are a bunch of local shows (No Way To Escape @ KW118, Abraham/The Burden Remains @ Rue, etc.), some additional tracking for current projects, and then I’ll be off the UK w/ Zatokrev for a short run.


I’ll keep you posted!