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Tours in 2013 & Abraham

So 2013 is looking pretty sweet so far, with already three tours being close to confirmation. Nothing to announce just yet, all of it is still very secret and blabla – I’ve really got my fingers crossed though, as this would bring some major fun times to the table.

With that being said, I’d also like to point out the dates of the upcoming Abraham-tour:
October 11 Lausanne, Switzerland – Romandie
October 12 Lyon, France – Buffet Club
October 13 Strasbourg, France – Jimmies Club
October 14 Torino, Italy – United Club
October 15 Clermont, France – Raymond
October 16 Toulouse, France – Saint Des Seins
October 17 Montaigu, France – Zinor
October 18 Paris, France – Le Klub
October 19 Rouen, France – Emporium
October 20 Minden, Germany – Papagei
October 21 Celle, Germany – Buntehaus
October 22 Hamburg, Germany – Tba
October 23 Gdansk, Poland – Wydzial Remontowy

The lads also just released a new clip, check it out:

Full throttle!

So august has seen me getting in the usual mode quite quickly: Merely one day after getting back home from the Red Fang-Tour, I went out to do two shows w/ Todos Destinos (Local Ska-Punk, pretty cool band!), started mixing a The Fawn album (Which the band had tracked with my aid in an church in St-Imier back in february), almost died from exhaustion at the RFI (Local folklore-festival, which turned out to be the chaotic mess more or less expected), and then finally got to do The Bikini Blues-Sessions with The Burden Remains – This project was quite special, since the goal was to head out to the remote region of La-Chaux-De-Fonds/CH for seven days to write, arrange, record, mix and master three news songs at the Bikini Test-Venue. We mostly worked for about sixteen hours a day, but it was well worth the mess – You can download the resulting tracks right here.

Since then I’ve also done a couple of live-shows w/ The Ocean, Abraham and Zatokrev, and picked up a bunch of projects I had to put on hold before leaving on the Red Fang-Tour: This week had me tracking guitars with Shadowsfear, tonight recording vocals with Redheads Are Vampires, and now finally tomorrow I’ll start editing/tracking vocals with Dramaqueen, a project we’ve started working on late february if memory serves well.

Again, the idea here is to push all of these projects as far as possible until the beginning of october, when I’ll be leaving for a three weeks-tour with post-doom/black juggernauts Abraham.

On the live-side of things, here’s a couple of dates I’ve been involved one way or another:
– 14. 09. / The Ocean & Abraham @ Werk21, Zürich
– 21. 09. / Emerald (Record Release Show), Gonoreas, Shadowsfear, DJ I.N.I @ Fri-Son, Fribourg
– 26. 09. / Nasum, Black Breath, Coilguns @ Glazart, Paris/FR
– 27. 09. / Nasum, Black Breath, Coilguns @ Usine, Genf
– 28. 09. / Nasum, Black Breath, Coilguns @ Backstage, München/DE
– 29. 09. / The Burden Remains @ Metal Assault-Festival, Lausanne
– 05. 10. / Impure Wilhelmina, Zatokrev @ Bikini Test, La Chaux-De-Fonds
– 06. 10. / Arkhan @ Headbangers Ball/Graffitti, Bern
– 11. 10. / Abraham (Record Release Show) @ Romandie, Lausanne

Might take a couple of days off somewhere around the end of the year, we’ll see about that…