Monthly Archives: August 2012

Back home & moving on.

So the last 5 weeks I’ve been on the road w/ Red Fang throughout europe for 28 shows, covering both festivals and off shows in clubs. It’s been a busy run, and I obviously didn’t come around to post any updates. The shows ranged from 200+ capacity-clubs w/ crappy gear to 15’000+ attendances with massive line-arrays, and everything in between. It’s been a great experience, definitely also because Red Fang made it very easy to work with them – Over the course of the first couple of gigs we established a couple of basic things, and then constantly tried out new settings, mic-configurations, etc.


Check out two snapshots:

July 6, Roskilde-Festival/Danemark (2nd show of the tour)

August 3, Wacken-Festival/Germany (2nd to last show)

Since I’ve got back, I’ve already done an additional couple of shows, and I’m now looking into doing a short studio-session w/ The Fawn this weekend, then the RFI (Local folk-festival) are coming up, and the week after that I’ll be entering a club in switzerland w/ The Burden Remains, to write, arrange, track, mix, master & release three new songs over a period of 7 days – Plus, all of this will be streamed online… No pressure at all :).