Monthly Archives: June 2012

Tying up loose ends

Since I’ll be off and away in 1.5 weeks for a month’s worth of touring w/ Red Fang, I have to finish quite a lot of projects in the time left over.
This week I did a one off-show w/ Stress at the mountain peak of Rigi/Luzern (Check out the picture down below, astonishing view), tracked bass w/ Dramaqueen at their homestudio, mixed Science Of Disorder as they were opening for Megadeth at Les Docks in Lausanne (Weird night, Megadave definitely has a few issues to take care of), spent the weekend tracking drums w/ Shadows Fear, and now finally will do some touch ups on the final mix of Operation Blockhead‘s upcoming album.

Next week will see the launch of another new project, will keep you posted!

Saturday night’s update.

So after tracking guitars w/ Dramaqueen the whole week, and mixing Abraham at Ebullition/Bulle last night, I’ll be off to Greenfield-Festival/Interlaken tomorrow mixing Make Me A Donut at 11am in the morning (Since I’ll be there, I just might catch the mighty Refused live on stage as well!).
Plus, monday night I’ll head out to the mountain Rigi in Luzern to do FOH for Stress – This should be fun as well, insanely good musicians.

Feast of gear

Feast of gear

Currently stuck tracking guitars w/ Dramaqueen (Pop/Alternative), next week we’ll continue with the bass…