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The Burden Remains Live-Footage

Here’s some footage from last saturday’s show at the XXè in Fribourg…

CH support added to Soulfly-show!

In a swift move of awesomeness, we were able to add two swiss bands to the soulfly-show on the 12th of june at Fri-Son / Fribourg:

Elizabeth (Geneva, Hardcore)

No Way To Escape (Bulle, Post-Deathcore)

First bunch of months are over, what’s next?

No news in that department – Being busy and all, I can definitely confirm that there’s a good reason for this. Moving on.

This first third of the year has already seen some good action, including numerous studio-projects (Tracking w/ Operation Blockhead is close to done, plus I recorded drums for Arkhan’s upcoming album, and started tracking Dramaqueen’s first album), and live-shows/tours. I did a quick Eu-run w/ Zatokrev and Impure Wilhelmina in january, a bunch of off-dates w/ The Ocean (CH/DE/PL/ES) in january and april, plus tons of off-shows with local acts such as The Burden Remains, Calcined, Todos Destinos, We Said, Zatokrev, Abraham, and last but not least… Stress in Tunisia. That was one for the books, I’ve never been on another continent and back home in close to 48h. Plus the show/conditions were fun, so I’m definitely looking forward to more of this… We’ll see.

This summer is looking quite promising as well, even though it’ll start on a more serious note: From june on I can no longer rely on my job as a guitar teacher, since I’ve been fired from this position. But I’ve eventually taken the only logical decision anyway, to step up and do some more rock’n’roll – Which means I’ll be doing more of all of this. Yeah!
I’ll definitely finish mixing the Operation Blockhead-Album by the beginning of june, continue tracking/mixing Dramaqueen, do some smaller session stuff, head out for a bunch of off-shows, but mainly… I’ll be on the road w/ Red Fang throughout all July 2012. We’ll join forces on the 5th of july in sweden, and finish on the 4th of august in finland, going two times across the continent in between (With shows at such awesome places as Roskilde, Wacken, etc.). I’m pretty positive that this will be one for the books as well…

To sum things up, here’s what’s happening for Fireantmusic in the next couple of weeks:
12th of may: The Burden Remains @ Manoir Pub/St. Maurice (w/ Volcano, BR)
18th of may: Amagortis @ Nouveau Monde/Fribourg (w/ Omophagia, etc.)
19th of may: Impure Wilhelmina/Elizabeth @ Gaswerk/Winterthur
26th of may: O:ID @ XXè/Fribourg (w/ Special headliner, Anachronism, Intercostal)
27th of may: Katergon @ ISC/Bern (Record release-show)
9th of june: Abraham @ Toxoplasmose/Le Locle (w/ Hubeskyla, etc.)
15th of june: Abraham @ Ebull/Fribourg (w/ Kehlvin, etc.)
9th of july: The Burden Remains @ Dachstock/Bern (w/ Saint Vitus, US)
28th of july: The Burden Remains @ Immortal Sphere Festivl/Thun (w/ Battalion, etc.)