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Quick lookout on 2012

Ah, the agony of realizing I again have missed out on updating this blog… My bad. Again, very busy, blabla.
Anyhow, lots of stuff has happened in between, so lets get this going:

– The Burden Remains released their album «Downfall Of Man», it’s available as a free download over at their website. The release-show was quite the event – We were actually able to rehearse at the Nouveau Monde for a couple of consecutive days, which was awesome. Recorded the whole show as well, we’ll see what might happen with this. A bunch of shows have happened in between, 2012 might even be bigger… Keep ya posted!
– I did a bunch of off-shows with bands such as Attack Vertical, Abraham, Roots Of Death, Zatokrev, Arkhan, etc. all over CH, plus a quick tour w/ Abraham throughout EU, and another couple of shows w/ The Ocean, plus a bunch of special events like the Serenity In Fire-Festival in Berne, etc.
– I mixed and mastered We Said’s first EP, ‘Humanimals’, which also is available for free download at their homepage – Fun project!
– Hosted a bunch of events, such as Decapitated, Aborted & Co at the Fri-Son in Fribourg… Turnout was not so well, but the shows none the less intense!

2012 is looking quite awesome so far, with three tours (Zatokrev & Impure Wilhelmina being one of them) confirmed, and two EPs/LPs on the horizon. As far as fixed dates go, here’s a quick update:
– 28. 12. 2011: Zatokrev/Preamp Disaster/When Icarus Falls @ Bad Bonn/Düdingen
– 13. 01. 2012: The Burden Remains/Hellvetica @ Rock City/Uster
– 14. 01. 2012: The Burden Remains @ Headbanger’s Ball/Bern
– 27. 01. 2012: The Burden Remains/Emerald/Posthumanbigbang @ Fri-Son/Fribourg
– 03. 02. 2012: The Ocean @ Kufa/Lyss
– 09. 02. – 19. 02. 2012: Zatokrev/Impure Wilhelmina EU-Tour
– 23. 02. 2012: The Burden Remains @ Kab/Gèneve
– 24. 02. 2012: Posthumanbigbang/Uneven Structure @ ISC/Bern

More wicked shit to come…

2011 has definitely been the best year so far for, with over 127 shows  at the mixing desk, numerous albums released, etc. – Thanks to everyone for trusting in me, it’s been a pleasure!