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And the summer’s gone already…

another two months went by without a single word from me – Sorry about that, I’ve been busy as usual… Which actually isn’t that bad, I guess. There obviously hasn’t been much going on studio-wise, as most bands are somewhere out there playing all those neat festivals – But I’ve done quite a bunch of jobs on the live-side of things, as well as preparing upcoming events. Let’s have a look…

– I was doing some work at the JazzParade in Fribourg again, either FOH or backline/stage.
– RFI were also happening two weeks ago, that was intense. I had never before spent 16h a day strapped to a console at 35°, plus tearing the whole stage down afterwards – Also, doing most of the gigs without any sound- or linecheck. Well, now I know.
– In between were a lot of off-shows, such as Coilguns with the mighty Dillinger Escape Plan @ Bad Bonn, or The Ocean @ Rock Altitude, playing alongside acts like Meshuggah, Unfold, etc.

Regarding future events:
– Obviously The Burden Remains (Ex-Cideraid – Yeah, they changed the name) are my main-focus for now. We did a ‘live press-conference‘ to announce the name, some new music is out there, plus the release of the album ‘Downfall Of Man’ as well as the shows are approaching.
Here’s a quick rundown of all of this:

– 10. 9.: Album Pre-Listening party @ Bad Bonn/Düdingen (w/ DJ-Sets by the band)
– 12. 9.: Release LP ‘Downfall Of Man’ as free download (!)
– 17. 9.: Record Release-Show @ Nouveau Monde/Düdingen (w/ June DeVille & Radwaste)
– 01. 10.: Show @ Silver Club/Payerne (w/ Attack Vertical, Promethee, CrossCheck)
– 11. 11.: Show @ Base Bar/Lausanne (Monster Night 2, w/ Algebra & Helmut)
– 13. 01.: Show @ RockCity/Uster (w/ Hellvetica)

Also, the band is doing quite the PR-Run for the album, check out all the radio-visits right here.

– Other than that, I’ve still got the ‘Oh My F*cking God’-Evens @ Fri-Son up and running,  War From A Harlots Mouth, Promethee and Abraham are confirmed for the 22nd of october, plus I’m currently working on a nice and heavy package for the 16th of december.

To sum things up:
Lots of exciting stuff on the way, psyched to see all of this happening…
I’m currently booking shows for The Burden RemainsAbraham and Saïko Record’s own Kejnu, so please don’t hesitate to contact me for all sorts of interesting ideas.


See you all out there!