Monthly Archives: July 2011

It’s summer already?

So the The Ocean-Tour is over, and I’m kind of Ok with it. We did play a bunch of shows were the technical situations got out of hand, so in the end I didn’t really get to enjoy this whole trip as much as I expected. Still, everyone was extra nice, and the guys in Earthship, Red Fang and Intronaut were as awesome as it gets – Ended up doing sound for them a couple of times, since some of the local techs could just not be trusted.
Looking forward to hit the road again with The Ocean sometime later this year – UK is confirmed for november together with Textures, and there might be Russia and China coming up as well… fingers crossed!
I’ll be doing some festivals with The Ocean as well, Metalcamp and VNV amongst them, along Meshuggah and Co – Stoked!
In between I’ll be babysitting a Digidesign VENUE at the JazzParade in Fribourg during a couple of days in july, that’s going to be interesting as well.

Studio-Wise, i finished most of my projects the days (And litteraly moments) before I left for the tour – Here’s a quick update:
– The Lost Aries-EP is getting mastered as we speak by Christoph Brandes/Iguana Studios.
– Tojinbo is finished, and already mastered by El Spiga himself.
– The Cideraid-Album is done. Now that fucker took a little longer than the rest, but it definitely was worth it. Svante Forsbak (Rammstein, Volbeat, etc.) did the master, turned out  nice and chunky.

So now basically I’m spending 24/7 on preparing to release Cideraid’s album – You know, fixing deals, booking shows, preparing press-info… The usual stuff. Not that much fun, but definitely worth it in the end. And as of course, there are quite some surprises in there as well… Keep ya posted!