Monthly Archives: March 2011

Summer’s approaching!

And it’s march already! Things are moving fast, having a hard time keeping track of everything that’s happening for now…

– The Cideraid-Album is getting mastered right as i’m writing this post – Svante Forsback (Rammstein, Volbeat, etc.) has been chosen for this task, looking forward to listen to the complete album by the end of the week. Meanwhile preparing the next couple of steps on our masterplan…
– I also finished the mix/mastering for Calcined‘s new EP (, quite the fun experience.
– The last two weekends I was in Saas Fee, tracking guitars and bass w/ Lost Aries, after a nice Drum-Session three weeks ago. We might attack the reamping quite soon, plus since the vocals have been done first thing, the mix might follow quicker than expected.
– I also did some session-work w/ Tojinbo, a grind-side project from two Amagortis-members – Drums, Bass and Guitars are in the Box, vocals will follow soon.

– This friday the 18th, Attack Vertical will play at the SAS in Délemont.
– Saturday the 19th i’ll host the last of the ‘Operation: Impending Doom’-Series at the Café XXè in Fribourg – After 3.5 years and 18 events, it was clearly time to move on… Stigma (IT) and Trailer Park Massacre (CH) will play both a devastating set, plus DJ Housi and myself will be delivering the tunes until the end of the night… Yeah!
– Throughout March/April I will do a series of european shows with the mighty Zatokrev, this will be fun – Check their page for details
– Just in: I will embark on a Headliner-Tour w/ The Ocean from may 29th to June 19th, with a bunch of festivals (Greenfield, Hellfest, Metalcamp, Summerbreeze, etc.) added here and there.