Monthly Archives: February 2011

trying to catch up

…and another couple of weeks went down the hill.last blog had me picking up the traces i left behind while leaving to tour with the ocean, and now i’m facing another couple of absences: that’s right, the road is calling once more. nothing confirmed a 100% for now, but still – i just might get plenty of it even before the peak of summer.

– the cideraid-album has been finished up to the final mix by now. we tracked guitars/bass at their rehearsal space for a couple of days, then moved on the la fonderie to track the vocals and some gang-shouts by a couple of friends. after that it took me quite some editing, but julien fehlmann got to turn this thing into a hard hitting f*cker, if i might say so – well worth the energy and trouble! now we’re trying to pick a master-engineer, while already preparing the next couple of steps…
– i finished the basic-mix for calcined, and just might finish the complete ep the following days
– i three weeks i’ll track drums w/ lost aries, with whom we already did the vocal-lines, given the fact that their singer is gone for quite a while.

– i mixed a couple of misc. shows throughout late december/january, amongst them tasteless, etc.
– i did two shows w/ attack vertical, one of them their record release-show @ le nouveau monde. they’ve pretty much stepped up to my expectations, delivering a tight set – which makes my job always way easier.
– went to berlin last weekend to do a show with the ocean, at the museum für musikinstrumente. technically quite the horror, but i think we got out quite ok after a whole day of trying to fix things. the whole show was recorded for a further dvd-release, we’ll see how this is going to turn out.

– this friday i’m launching a new event @ the mighty fri-son in fribourg, with my buddy hq: ‘oh my f*cking god’ – it’s meant to hit hard. for the first round we’re having amagortis, kess’khtak and daïgoro up on stage, let’s hope we can do some more of this in the future… don’t forget, fri-son’s got two stages!
– saturday we’re having another saïko-event at the nouveau monde, this time around it’s saïko vs. soundtracks, with the likes of kassette, feat. jim, tasteless, etc., where each of these bands will cover some of the most famous soundtrack-tunes. should be fun.
– the 19th of february might just go down in history as the day when the sun got swallowed whole by darkness and despair. rorcal will play at ‘operation: impending doom XVII’ @ the café le xxè in fribourg, along with fennec (ex-berserk for tea time). they’re doom as fuck, and their latest release ‘heliogabalus’ is one of the heaviest records out there.