Monthly Archives: November 2010

i’m back!

alright, let me see… i’m back from the eu-tour w/ the ocean/cancer bats/the dillinger escape plan, and i survived!

anyone knowing the dillinger escape plan should know by now what i’m talking about, but these guys proved to be even cooler than expected – their complete crew was incredibly sweet & pro, it made our life on tour so much easier. doing sound for the ocean was quite the run as well – it took me some time to get used to their dynamics, etc, but it turned out quite nice in the end. plus, being able to rock places like the electric ballroom in london really did the trick for me… anyway, looks as if i might have gotten myself some more gigs with them: they are doing a short eu-run w/ anathema by now, for which i only could do the sound on the two opening shows in switzerland. but we’ll reunite for another gig in december, plus i’ll be going to athens with them at the beginning on 2011…
anyway, shitloads of new and exciting stuff happening:

– the mix & master for lifeless hill is done, christoph brandes from iguana audioproduction managed to get some more punch from my mixes.
– i started to record a local death metal-band called calcined, by now everything except the vocals is done, i’ll start mixing by the end of november.
– i also started to record a 5 track-ep w/ lost aries. given the fact that their singer won’t be around for the coming three months, i actually had to start with the vocals, putting them on top of their pre-production. we’ll move on with this project by january.
– the cideraid-album has finally gotten the much needed kick over the starting-line: drums were done by julien fehlmann, and sound quite neat… we started to track the guitars last monday, second guitar, bass and vokills will follow throughout december.

– i’ll be doing sound for zatokrev this saturday at the dawn of doom-festival in winterthur, and might also be going on tour with them throughout a couple of weeks in april
– i’ll also doing sound for them and the ocean on the 4th of december at the sommercasino in basel, plus the mighty knut will open… balls to the wall!
– lifeless hill will headline a release-show for the ep on the 11th of december at the ébull, with yours truly behind the desk.

event-wise, there is not that much happening… both cideraid and remote lane (who will start working on an upcoming album in some time) are off the live-radar for now, so i mainly do my own ‘operation: impending doom’-events for now.
– speaking of which: friday night i’ll host the XVIth event of the series, featuring the mighty amagortis, tedh secret and dj deerstruction at the end of the night… café le xxè in fribourg is the place to be, the entry is free, and the ales should be quite cold be then. see you there!