Monthly Archives: March 2010

looking back on feb/mar, outlook on upcoming events

well well, the last couple of weeks had me chasing after quite a bunch of things, that’s for sure:

100206 – operation: impending doom XII w/ shadow’s far & calcined
100213 – drumrecording w/ progsik (death metal)
100219 – mixing zatokrev & palmer @ sommercasino / basel
100220 – mixing saïko vs. lovesongs @ nouveau monde / fribourg
100227 – mixing black cargoes & tasteless @ oxx / zofingen
100306 – mixing careless, mötörcöck and inplugged
100313 – mixing impure wilhelmina & lost sphere project @ espace noir / st-imier

plus, as usual, i’ve additionaly visited a bunch of shows, and so on.
since my trusty g5 just broke down a week ago, i had pretty much all studio-work suspended and my schedule became quite the mess – but since i’m now officially equipped with a beautiful imac 27″, things should be back on track quite soon. aside from the obvious oncoming studio-mayhem (such as continuing the recording with progsik, starting preproduction w/ cideraid, and a couple of more things), i’m also looking forward to a bunch of new shows i’ve organized and/or booked and/or will be mixing at… here’s the outlook on the upcoming weeks:

100319 – mixing kejnu @ oxx / zofingen
100320 – operation: impending doom XIII w/ radwaste & battalion
100403 – full metal w/ gwydion, abinchova, tschäggätä
100417 – mixing remote lane @ ébull / bulle
100502 – mixing remote lane @ immortal sphere-festival / wattenwil
100508 – working @ break the silence-festival w/ the ocean, cynic, etc.

plus (yet unconfirmed!):
– operation: impending doom XIV @ café le xxéme / fribourg
– impure wilhelmina @ nouveau monde / fribourg
– etc.

right, that’s about it for the moment… it’s kind of a rush of dates, but still – no rest for the wicked, i guess. see you somewhere out there!