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new projects / events

i’ve just finished a bunch of projects, which are definitely worth mentionning:
– the audio-installation & live-engineering for the theatre ‘apokalypse’ at the university of fribourg / switzerland (directed by simon helbling)
– the recording/mixing for skyblend‘s first ep.
this four-track was recorded live during two days at la fonderie and the mix was done at my homestudio, while mastering-duties were handled by julien fehlmann at studio:mecanique. the ep turned out very groove-oriented, which is a pleasant but not overwhelming surprise – after all, it’s the bands real strenght. plus, i got to work on a bunch of overdubs, which got my creative juices flowing in multiple ways.
skyblend have got the release party scheduled for the 28th of november at the ebull in bulle, i’ll probably be mixing them live, and might even join them for a little live-rendition of one of the recorded tunes… we’ll see.

on the event-side of things, a bunch of shows just got confirmed:
– on the 14th of november, i’ll be hosting the eleventh rendition of my ‘operation: impending doom‘-events with cruszt headlining, voice of ruin supporting, and the mighty dj kéké providing afterparty-tunes. for those of you who ain’t got a clue, he’s the one who’s pretty much responsible for hooking me on to the wonders of modern metal back in the days… metalact, represent!
– on the 21st of november, berlin/tchaux-collective the ocean will be headlining at le nouveau monde, with support coming from nebra and vancouver.
cideraid will both be playing the bad bonn (26th of december, w/ timor), and the wenk (31st of january, w/tba) as part of the last couple of shows before they start working on their first lp.
attack vertical just got confirmed as support-act for the mighty arch enemy on the 9th of december at the kiff in aarau, where i’ll most likely will be handling sound-duties.

that’s it for now – as usual, stay tuned… cause i got about 100 other things up the pipeline!

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