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first act signed

well, here we go:
i just signed the first act to the fire ant music-roster – ladies and gentlemen, give it up for remote lane!

these four lads from the highlands of fribourg/ch haven’t been that much exposed yet, but this should be changing pretty soon. remote lane draw their influences from such acts as opeth, amon amarth, between the buried and me, and the ocean – and while their music generally stands for groove-oriented metal, their use of keyboards and open chord-structures allows them to dig deep into more progressive directions. the new single-ep ‘abandonado’ will follow this late summer, you can check out two songs off of it (‘abandonado’ and ’cause of death: venus’) over at their myspace-page, plus here’s a nice a nice live-rendition of ‘abandonado’ on youtube – it’s been recorded at the mighty z7 in switzerland:

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first bunch of activites

alright, so here’s what is currently going on.

we’re about to sign the first couple of acts for booking-duties, plus the production of a 4 track-promo for another act is coming to its final stages. the moment the first mixes have been given their blessing, i’ll post some of it right here.

as a special treat of the day, do me favour and visit zurich’s singer- and songwriters kejnu‘s myspace, he’s currently streaming a new single called ‘last man standing’ – and it’s about as awesome as it gets.

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currently i’m working on the launch of this project, so please bear with me if there’s not enough information for time’s sake.

updates should be posted regularly throughout the upcoming fall, the summer will pretty much be spent networking and setting things up for a nice and clean start.

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