July 29, 2019 – Off-shows w/ Aborted

Freshly back from a few off-shows with Aborted, plus a festival on Saturday – This was a sweaty week under the sign of no-AC-venues, can’t believe this is a thing in the summer… Plus we finished the quick run with a show at what has to be one of the worst festivals ever, Stonehenge in Steenwijk/NL. What matters is that we made it, but good lord… The amount of work that had to be put in it was definitely overwhelming.

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July 22, 2019 – Rock Maraton/HU (w/ Aborted) & Les Georges-Festival/CH (Fribourg)

Another then day or so into this summer, and the speed of things just isn’t dropping:
Spent a day or so in Hungary, doing a one off with Aborted…


FOH after the very last blast beat. Good times.



After that, I spent a week at Les Georges-Festival in Fribourg/CH, overlooking six days of great shows in quite the unique spot.


Almost the full tech/stage crew (Pic by Diane Deschenaux)



July 7, 2019 – Resurrection Fest/Viveiro, ES (Cult Of Luna)

A single show for a weekend is a slow rhythm by any standards, but we managed to squeeze some proper beach time out of it, plus the show was killer.


View from the monitors, Johannes on the front subs


July 1, 2019 – Finland conquered!

Two shows from Cult Of Luna’s Finland-weekend, especially Saturday’s Provinssi festival was highly enjoyable…


Monitors at Tuska-Openair, Helsinki


FOH at Provinssi-Festival, somewhere up north.


June 24, 2019 – And it’s on!

Here’s some quick shots sort of summing up the last few weeks:


Festi’Neuch 2019/CH: Stagemanaging the «Chapiteau» mainstage for five days

FAM - Aborted

Aborted live at Graspop Metal Meeting/BE, FOH & TM


Cult Of Luna at Hellfest/FR, Monitors

June 01, 2019 – These are two of the runs I’m doing this summer:

Cult Of Luna / Festivals
May 18: Park Sounds 2019 / Huskvarna, SE
June 1: FORTAROCK 2019 / Nijmegen, NL
June 21: Graspop Metal Meeting / Dessel, BE
June 22: Hellfest Open Air Festival / Clisson, FR
June 28: Tuska Open Air Metal Festival / Hellsinki, FI
June 29: Provinssi Festival / Seinäjoki, FI
August 7: Brutal Assault / Jaromer, CZ
August 8: Øyafestivalen 2019 / Oslo, NL
August 16: Rock Altitude 2019 / Le Locle, CH
August 17: ArcTanGent / Sommerset, UK
> Mainly doing mons on this run, but helping out on all ends. Stoked.

Aborted / Festivals & off-shows
June 14: Rock The Coast / Malaga, ES
June 20: Graspop / Dessel, BE
July 13: Rock Marathon / Balathon, HU
July 19: Bade In Blut / Weil Am Rhein, DE
July 20: Circolo Svolta / Milan, IT
July 22: Randal Club / Bratislava, SK
July 23: Rockhouse / Salzburg, AU
July 24: Free & Easy Fest / Munich, DE
July 26: From Hell / Erfurt, DE
July 27: Stonehenge / Steenwijk, NL
August 09: Brutal Assault / Jaromer (CZ)
August 10: Vagos Metal Fest / Vagos (PT)
August 11: Bloodstock / Derbyshire (UK)
August 12: Kulttempel / Oberhausen (DE)
August 13: Schlachthof / Wiesbaden (DE)
August 14: Kleiner Club / Saarbrücken (DE)
August 16: Summer Breeze / Dinkelsbühl (DE)
August 17: Frantic Fest / Francavilla Al Mare (IT)
August 18: Motocultor / Saint Nollf (FR)
August 22: Deathfeast / Andernrach (DE)
September 07: Meh Suff / Hüttikon (CH)
September 14: Bloodshed Fest / Eindhoven (NL)
> FOH & TM time, bring the blasts!